Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup KO Munson Nurse

Happy Sunday! A gorgeous day in the Once and Future Nation Of America. The Sun is shining on the snow, the Devils obliterated the Hurricanes (I like the Canes, but, I end up with a lot of bets when they play), and the media is starting to see how bad Biden is. This pinup is by KO Munson, with a wee bit of help.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. The Conservative Treehouse covers DC asking residents to ration food
  2. Greenie Watch discusses the authoritarianism of greenies
  3. 357 Magnum notes that supply chain woes are about to get worse
  4. American Greatness highlights the Defeat the Mandates march
  5. Da Techguy’s Blog says no dough for you
  6. DC Clothesline notes the catty reason a substitute teacher was fired
  7. Diogenes’ Middle Finger wonders about using bologna as a facial mask
  8. Dissecting Leftism discusses a CDC study on natural COVID immunity
  9. Free North Carolina covers more people staying with home schooling
  10. Gates Of Vienna shows the aftermath in Afghanistan
  11. Geller Report covers Brandon ordering all US Embassy families to leave Ukraine
  12. Gen Z Conservative features Kamala losing her cool on the Today show
  13. IOTW Report contrasts the UK removing COVID restrictions while the EU implements more
  14. Irons In The Fire is pretty sure Democrats will cheat in the next election
  15. And last, but not least, Jihad Watch covers Biden releasing a terrorist linked to murder of children

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page (nope, that’s gone, the newest Apache killed access, and the program hasn’t been upgraded since 2014). While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your Pinups for Vets calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me. I’ve also mostly alphabetized them, makes it easier scrolling the feedreader

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

Anyone else have a link or hotty-fest going on? Let me know so I can add you to the list. And do you have a favorite blog you can recommend be added to the feedreader?

Two great sites for getting news links are Liberty Daily and Whatafinger.

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21 Responses to “Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Apparently Brandon cares more about the Ukraine border than our own.

    The donation, which includes close to 200,000 pounds of lethal security assistance, including ammunition for the front line defenders of Ukraine, demonstrates the United States’ strong commitment to Ukraine’s sovereign right to self-defense,” the U.S. embassy said in a post on Facebook.

    The embassy noted that more than $650 million of security assistance had been committed to Ukraine by the United States in the last year, and more than $2.7 billion since 2014.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Yet this rotten fake usurper in the WH illegally (since it’s his constitutional responsibility) keeps our southern boarder open and allows filthy, dirty, ignorant, uneducated, diseased, filthy, unvaxxed, unboosted, unemployed, filthy, impoverished, illegal alien child molesters/rapists/murderers/gang members/drug dealers/slave traders and terrorist filthy (did I say filthy yet?) mostly commie and socialist third world pigs into our country to suck up our resources and rape and murder our women and children. What a dick in the WH.

    Let’s go Brandon, thousands of Americans yet to kill with fentanyl from filthy illegals.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      TG Brenda once again does a psychotic core dump.

      Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. It is Republicans who hate and fear democracy. At the federal level they promote the Big Lie, i.e., Trump Won! (no, he didn’t). This sets the stage for the anti-American and anti-democratic state GOPhers to restrict early voting, gerrymander for perpetually safe GOPher districts, eliminate drop boxes, purge rolls of registered voters (especially Dem voters), and restrict same day registration/voting.

      The Republicans know that the Big Lie is a Big Lie. But they also realized if all Americans vote, they lose. Bigly. Yes, there is voter fraud and it’s visited upon American voters by the anti-American Republican Party.

      There Goes Brenda, protecting his (her?) “women” from those filthy brown guys. LOL.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

        Rimjob is a dumbass who doesn’t recognize sarcasm when he reads it.
        The rest he gets from those voices in his head.


      • drowningpuppies says:

        Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

        Rimjob is a dumbass who doesn’t recognize sarcasm when he reads it.
        The rest he gets from those voices inside his little head.

        Bwaha! Lolgfy

      • david7134 says:

        Man, you are really losing it. You have yet to offer any proof that creepy Joe really won the election. By any parameter, he committed fraud. Then you find it horrible that people do not desire for an army of scum to invade our country.

        By the way, how many shares of stock did you have to buy in order to prop up your worthless stock.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Davy Porter,

          Typical right-wing dumbassery. What proof do YOU have that DJT won in 2016?

          The votes from 50 different, independent states, most run by GOPhers, resulted in President Biden receiving 7 million more votes than your degenerate guy. Not even close. Trump’s own DOJ, DHS, Supreme Court and dozens of state and federal courts saw that President Biden won.

          Trump, Navarro, Bannon, Giuliani, Epshteyn and their gang of miscreants have brainwashed weak-minded souls like you with their lies. Alternatively, you understand that it’s a lie and just go along with it. So, weak-minded or a liar?


          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            Dowd you filthy liar, we’ve given you at least 50 articles about staggering voter fraud over the last year. You choose to ignore them proving you love your ignorance. You’ve seen videos of Democrat corruption. No response. You’ve been shown affidavits. Pretended they weren’t there. 150 million Americans see something that needs investigating but you see a win for the bad guys and their retarded leader Let’s go Biden!. You and your commie comrades pulled off a great anti-American coup by convincing the people the devil made you do it.

            You also believe in MMGW, the Covid vax works and so do masks, BLM and Antifa aren’t terrorist orgs., the protest at the Capitol was an unarmed insurrection by pop-pop’s and mee-maws in golf carts and Jeff Epstein hung himself. You’re an idiot and sadly there is no cure for that. Let’s go Brandon!,Let’s go Brandon!.

            “If you’ve been wondering about the extent of voter fraud in America, we may be seeing a staggering amount of either fraud or grotesque negligence in Wisconsin voter rolls. A review of the state’s voter roles showed that 569,277 voters registered on January 1, 1918. Of that number, 20% of these people, all of whom must be at least 124 years old, voted last November. Biden “won” in Wisconsin by 20,682 votes….
            The revelations out of Wisconsin are staggering. It turns out that at least one out of every 14 voters in Wisconsin is at least 124 years old. Thus, to register in 1918, a person would have had to have been 21 or older. That means that one out of every 14 Wisconsin residents is older than 124 years. Even more amazing, 115,252 of those ancient people made the effort to vote in November. It’s certain that some of them provided the votes that gave Biden that 20,682-vote lead.
            Ultimately, there are three ways to account for the fact that 20% of people who registered to vote on January 1, 1918, showed up to vote in November 2020, none of which is good for election integrity:
            1. All these registrations are fraudulent and exist for the purpose of adding votes to one candidate or another. (And yes, I’m assuming they were votes added to Biden’s column.)
            2. All these registrations are computer glitches and the Secretary of State’s office is either too inept or corrupt to have corrected them. Even if they appeared accidentally on the rolls, they became the perfect vehicle for voter fraud.
            3. Wisconsin is such a healthy place to live that over 500,000 residents are 124 years or older and, of that number, 20% are still so spry and engaged with the world that they filled out ballots (and, I’m sure, mostly voted for Biden).
            As a point of interest, last week, Thelma Sutcliffe of Omaha, Nebraska, died. Her death was noteworthy because she was 115 ¾ years old, making her the oldest woman in America. Apparently, though, large numbers of Wisconsites have put her record to shame.
            The Constitution is a legal document, for it is a contract between the federal government and the American people. In the context of a contract, if one party commits fraud, everything flowing from that fraud is reversed. Or as the law states, “fraud vitiates everything.” In this case, if fraud is proven in the key states, their certifications of the votes are undone. And if enough states had this fraud, the Senate’s certification of the Biden victory should be undone too.
            This undoing won’t happen with Congress under Democrat control but there’s no reason it cannot happen if conservative voters turn out in such numbers in November 2022 and 2024 that no amount of fraud can defeat the red wave headed for Congress.”

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            TG Brenda: state’s (WI) voter roles showed that 569,277 voters registered on January 1, 1918

            This claim circulated over the right-wing-o-sphere with each report adding more and more “voters”. 4000, 42,000, 54,259, 100,000, 115,000, 120,000, 234,000, 567,000. Reuters actually found 4000 registered voters with a “birthdate” of Jan 1 1918 and quoted the Wisconsin Elections Commission:

            “Default dates of birth and voter registration dates in the WisVote database is not a newly discovered issue or an indication of voter fraud,” the website reads. “This information has been in the State Voter Registration System (SVRS) and WisVote system since at least 2006 and is the result of data migration from over 200 different legacy voter registration systems maintained by individual municipalities that in 2005 were moved into the comprehensive statewide system.”

            Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 (1.41 million votes) but lost in 2020 (1.61 million votes). Did Trump win in 2016 by fraud? Anyway, does it make sense that 550,000 (almost 20%) of the votes are fraudulent, yet no one can identify even one fraudulent vote?

            Wisconsin’s legislature is dominated by Republicans (Senate 21-12; House 61-38).

            Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) said new Republican bills will address concerns raised by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau in a report it issued last fall and findings made by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty(WILL).

            Both the Legislative Audit Bureau and WILL report found no widespread fraud. Biden’s win has withstood recounts and numerous lawsuits. An Associated Press review of votes cast in battleground states contested by Trump, including Wisconsin, found too few cases of fraud to affect the outcome. Some of those cases involved registered Republicans and people who said they supported Trump.

            Mr Biden won; Mr Trump lost. Trump and his supporters want to destroy democracy and America.

  3. Dana says:

    Odd. I worked as a word clerk in a hospital back when nurses wore those white uniforms, but I never saw a nurse with a white uniform dress quite that short. When my wife was in nursing school, she had to wear the white dress uniform, but hers were never that short.

    What did I miss?

    • david7134 says:

      They were that short in the 70s, and tight. Going to a code was an experience as the nurses forgot where their hem line was.

      • Dana says:

        Really? Nurses have to do radical things like lift, to turn patients, to bend over patient beds, etc. A nursing uniform that short would have had their asses out every time they tried to do anything other than stand up straight.

        Who knows, maybe nurses in Kentucky were more conservative about their uniforms than other places, but I never saw anything like that. I worked in the University Hospital in the early 1980s. By then, while some wore dresses, most work pants.

        • david7134 says:

          We are talking early 70s. Things beyond belief happened then. But have you ever seen a nurse sculpt scrubs? Amazing.

          • Dana says:

            “Sculpt” scrubs? Not sure what you mean, though I have seen some younger nurses wearing scrub-based uniforms — most nursing uniforms these days are based on the scrub suit — which were very well fitting.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The appalling Robert F Kennedy Jr, today at an anti-vaxxer rally at the Capitol: “Even in Hitler’s Germany, you could hide in the attic like Anne Frank did,” referring to the conditions that the unvaccinated suffer in America because “none of us can run and none of us can hide” because of Bill Gates’ satellites and also 5G, unlike… the Holocaust.

    The Auschwitz Memorial Museum responded to the video saying that RFK Jr. is “exploiting the tragedy of people who suffered, were humiliated, tortured and murdered by the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany – including children like Anne Frank – in a debate about vaccines and limitations during [a] global pandemic is a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decay.”

    savages, all…

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    More detail from the appalling RFK Jr’s rant today at the anti-vaxxer rally:

    “Even in Hitler’s Germany, you could cross the Alps; you could hide in the attic, like Anne Frank did.”

    “Today, the mechanisms are being put in place that will make it so none of us can run and hide. Within five years, we’re going to see 450,000 low-orbit satellites. Bill Gates and his 65,000 satellites alone will be able to look at every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day. They’re putting in 5G to harvest our data and control our behavior — digital currency that will allow them to punish us from a distance and cut off our food supply.”

    Proud Boys were there. And white nationalist Groypers.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Former Speaker Newton Gingrich:

    “I think when you have a Republican Congress, this is all going to come crashing down, and the wolves are going to find out that they’re now sheep. And they’re the ones who are, in fact, going to, I think, face a real risk of jail for the kind of laws they’re breaking.”

    They’re not breaking any laws. This is Newton fantasizing as all reactionaries do, that if they get majorities in Congress they can arrest others willy-nilly. Congress doesn’t arrest people.

    Reactionaries hate democracy, call everyone else despots, while the right-wingers are the despots-in-waiting.

    • Down on the Corner says:

      Of course, they are breaking laws. The real difference between a hard-core leftist like you and libertarians is that Leftists believe the government is their savior and Libertarians believe that government is their jail keeper.

      Gingrich is in fact fantasizing, however. Because no one ever gets in trouble for doing things in DC. Hell Billionaire pedophiles were all taken off the hook by Epstein’s ahem suicide. The price of England entered into an NDA and paid off his accuser.

      The FBI told the local yokels to leave at the Las Vegas shooting and then the whole thing was swept under the rug and forgotten. No answers were found. No one cared because it was conservatives that were being mowed down that night.

      The amount of illegal activity that goes on by both sides is mind-numbing. The only problem with you Dowd is that you think your side is bitchin while the other side is witchin and I got news for ya. Both sides are chin deep in sewer water beginning with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Shumer and throw a dart at anyone in congress and they are going to spring sewer water leaks.

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