NJ Devils Release Their 3rd Jersey, And, Bless Their Hearts

I’ve been a Devils fan since they moved from Colorado (they were the Rockies. They started as the Kansas City Scouts) in 1984. I have tons of shirts, hats, and other stuff. This, though?

No. Just no. Hell no. And they want $179 for a jersey with no name on the back. LOL. I won’t be surprised if this is a big merchandising fail. Why not something like this?

Or black with red shoulders. Put the Devils logo on it, or a representation of the NJ Devil folklore character.

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One Response to “NJ Devils Release Their 3rd Jersey, And, Bless Their Hearts”

  1. Jeff Edelman says:

    Yeah. I used to be a Devils fan myself. Love hockey. Then the nhl became blatantly woke. That was it for me. Haven’t watched an nhl game since. I do miss the great game.

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