If All You See…

…is coffee which will soon taste horrible due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Irons In The Fire, with a post on the FDA playing games with people’s lives.

It’s Asian week!

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14 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Rio says:

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  2. drowningpuppies says:

    So a pedophile, a domestic abuser and a felon walk into a bar…

    And Kyle says: “Shots are on me!”

    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Who said it?

    “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion! One nation under God, and one religion under God.”

    – tRump consigliere and white christo-fascist, Michael Flynn

    Right-wing, anti-democracy, anti-constitution, anti-Americans such as Flynn have the right as an American to say whatever he wishes, but has no right to be part of our government.

    • CarolAnn says:

      My, my, Elwood P. Dowd. Do you wake up every day this full of hate and venom and come here to spit out nasty names at people? You need to relax and stop branding people. That’s very intolerant.

      On the lighter side a friend at church who sends her boy to public school told me today that the state may want to force us home schoolers to prove we have Covid shots. I assume the state of NJ will soon try and require shots for kids which will not happen in my home. I do not understand the burning desire to inject relatively untested medicines into the bodies of small children generally shown not severely impacted by Covid. I personally think the shot is more dangerous than the flu and will not allow my kids to be injected unless or until this has gone through several years of rigorous testing and proved safe. However, I have no problem with other parents getting shots for their kids if they believe it’s in their best interest. I only wish the state would grant us the same respect.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Do you agree with Flynn that America must have one religion under G-d?

        • drowningpuppies says:

          They really have no choice now that their credibility is circling the toilet.


          Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The vaccinated hermit, mr Dana, continues to discourage vaccination, typing “even universal vaccination will not stop the spread of the virus”.

          Of course, the CDC said no such thing, although some typist from Yahoo! did.

          Currently under 60% of Americans are vaccinated.

          Nearly all hospitalized Covid patients are unvaccinated.

          Vaccination DOES reduce the spread of Covid, regardless of how many NFL QBs get infected.

          Our path out of this pandemic is vaccination and effective anti-viral meds. Why nuCons repeatedly discourage vaccination and effective drugs can only be because nuCons prefer maintaining power and privilege to the commonweal of their fellow citizens. Americans dying from Covid is not as important to them as maintaining power.

          The vaccinated hermit, Dr Dana, claims that 100% vaccination will NOT change the trajectory of the Covid pandemic in the US.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Wonder where Rimjob, dipshit that he is, gets his information.
            Seems he should be able to share so his outrageous claims could be verified.

            Nearly all hospitalized Covid patients are unvaccinated.

            What is the percentage “nearly all” represents? Where are your stats?


          • Dana says:

            The esteemed Mr Dowd wrote:

            The vaccinated hermit, mr Dana, continues to discourage vaccination, typing “even universal vaccination will not stop the spread of the virus”.

            Of course, the CDC said no such thing, although some typist from Yahoo! did.

            Melissa Healy, the reporter, was writing about the comments made by Dr Jefferson Jones, a medical officer on the CDC’s COVID-19 Epidemiology Task Force, had stated.

            “Thinking that we’ll be able to achieve some kind of threshold where there’ll be no more transmission of infections may not be possible,” Jones acknowledged last week to members of a panel that advises the CDC on vaccines.

            Vaccines have been quite effective at preventing cases of COVID-19 that lead to severe illness and death, but none has proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, Jones noted. Recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by vaccines can wane in a matter of months.

            The result is that even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread.

            “We would discourage” thinking in terms of “a strict goal,” he said.

            To Dr. Oliver Brooks, a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, it was a sobering new message, with potentially worrisome effects.

            With just 58.5% of all Americans fully vaccinated, “we do need to increase” the uptake of COVID-19 shots, said Brooks, chief medical officer of Watts Healthcare in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he said, Jones’ unexpected admission “almost makes you less motivated to get more people vaccinated.”

            Brooks said he worries that as the CDC backs off a specific target for herd immunity, it will take the air out of efforts to run up vaccination levels.

            And if public health officials stop talking about the “herd,” people may lose sight of the fact that vaccination is not just an act of personal protection but a way to protect the community.

            A public tack away from the promise of herd immunity may also further undermine the CDC’s credibility when it comes to fighting the coronavirus.

            On issues ranging from the use of masks to how the virus spreads, the agency has made some dramatic about-faces over the course of the pandemic. Those reversals were prompted by new scientific discoveries about how the novel virus behaves, but they’ve also provided ample fuel for COVID-19 skeptics, especially those in conservative media.

            “It’s a science-communications problem,” said Dr. John Brooks, chief medical officer for the CDC’s COVID-19 response.

            “We said, based on our experience with other diseases, that when you get up to 70% to 80%, you often get herd immunity,” he said.

            But the SARS-CoV-2 virus didn’t get the memo.

            “It has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, and it’s repeatedly challenged us,” he said. “It’s impossible to predict what herd immunity will be in a new pathogen until you reach herd immunity.”

            The CDC’s new approach will reflect this uncertainty. Instead of specifying a vaccination target that promises an end to the pandemic, public health officials hope to redefine success in terms of new infections and deaths — and they’ll surmise that herd immunity has been achieved when both remain low for a sustained period.

            “We want clean, easy answers, and sometimes they exist,” John Brooks said. “But on this one, we’re still learning.”

            Herd immunity was never as simple as many Americans made it out to be, said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the challenges of communicating science to increasingly skeptical — and often conspiracy-minded — citizens.

            It’s an idea that emerged about a century ago from the field of livestock medicine. Epidemiologists now calculate it with a standard equation. But like many tools that model a complex process with math, it makes some simplifying assumptions.

            For instance, it assumes an unrealistic uniformity in the behavior of individuals and groups, and in the virus’ ability to spread from person to person.

            So it doesn’t reflect the diversity of population density, living arrangements, transportation patterns and social interactions that makes Los Angeles County, for instance, so different from Boise County, Idaho. Nor does it account for the fact that Boise County, where less than 35% of adults are fully vaccinated, gets no protection from L.A. County’s 73% vaccination rate among adults.

            “Humans are not a herd,” Jamieson said.

            Public health leaders would have been better served by framing their vaccination campaigns around the need for “community immunity,” she said. That would have gotten people to think in more local terms — the ones that really matter when it comes to a person’s risk of infection, she added.

            Changes in the coronavirus itself have also made herd immunity a moving target.

            The calculation that produced a herd immunity estimate of 70% to 85% rests heavily on the innate transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2. But with the emergence of new viral strains like the Alpha and Delta variants, the virus’ ability to jump from person to person has escalated dramatically in the last year.

            In addition, herd-immunity calculations presume that when people gain immunity, they remain immune for a known period of time. But it’s become clear that neither vaccination nor natural infection confers lasting protection. Booster shots or a “breakthrough” case might, but for how long is still unknown.

            That’s just the way science works, said Raj Bhopal, a retired public health professor at the University of Edinburgh who has written about the maddening complexity of herd immunity.

            For any agency engaged in public messaging, “it’s very hard to convey uncertainty and remain authoritative,” Bhopal said. “It’s a pity we can’t take the public along with us on that road of uncertainty.”

            The CDC are worried that Dr Jones remarks will hurt people’s perceptions, but they did not refute him.

            As for “some typist for Yahoo!”, the article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Yahoo! news has some sort of arrangement to reprint articles, from several sources, that are otherwise hidden behind a paywall, and Times articles often are.

            The vaccinated hermit, Dr Dana, claims that 100% vaccination will NOT change the trajectory of the Covid pandemic in the US.

            When CDC officials are saying that vaccination has not and does not prevent transmission, it’s more than some “vaccinated hermit” saying so.

            The vaccinated hermit, mr Dana, continues to discourage vaccination, typing “even universal vaccination will not stop the spread of the virus”.

            That, of course, is untrue, and you know it is untrue. I am not “discourag(ing) vaccination,” but simply telling the truth: the vaccines have not performed as we were told they would perform.

            I do believe that the ‘vaccines’ — it would be more accurate to refer to them as prophylactic medications — are helpful, as I have said before, and you know that I have said before. But I also believe, as does our distinguished host, that they should not be mandatory, that everyone should, and ought to have, the right to take the decision to get vaccinated personally.

            We ought to be asking: for how long have the CDC known that this prophylactic medication was not a true vaccine? For how long have the ‘experts’ known that two doses would not provide long lasting assistance, but would need apparently routine booster shots? Were the things that we were told all along simple ignorance, or deliberate lies?

  4. Dana says:

    Well, she might be Asian, but she sure dressed like a Southern girl!

  5. Est1950 says:

    While the Democrats in the USA are ready to become socialists/communists I do not think the rest of the country is prepared for that same leap which puts the Dems in a dire position in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

    An ABC POLL:

    If the election was held today: 51% of registered voters prefer a GOP-held Congress, compared to just 41% for a Democrat-held Congress, according to the poll.

    It’s the largest lead Republican congressional candidates have held in the midterm election vote preferences of the poll in 40 years, underscoring profound challenges for Democrats hoping to retain their slim majorities in Congress next year, according to ABC News.

    The GOP held an 8 point lead in 2010 and won 63 seats in the house. I don’t think those numbers are even possible today since the Dems at that time had like 242 seats compared to 218 today Still, I think it is highly likely the GOP will win back the house and enjoy a 15 or 20 seat margin.

    Another headwind the left faces is the redistricting of the several states favoring the GOP in purple states such as WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, etc. Because they are controlled by a GOP congress.

    The GOP has also focused heavily on State Attorney General races as well as Local District Attorney races realizing they are winning the legislatures only to be beaten unconscious by weaponized AG and DA’s. There is also a fanatical approach to local school boards now that CRT has become a real threat to this nation. The VA election showed what happens when an issue overwhelms party loyalty.

    Issues like the Iraq war got the GOP beat senseless. Obamacare and many others through the course of the USA’s history. CRT is just the latest stumbling block in the way of the Left becoming the party in power that is communist in all but name.

    Additionally, it is believed the left will lose at least 3 seats in CA because of a nonpartisan redistricting committee along with losing one seat by Census. It is not shaping up for a very good year for the left in 2022.

    The Virginia election showed what the GOP has been facing for decades. Ambivalence at the polling precincts during elections. Virginia had thousands of Republican poll watchers descend upon the state which prevented a narrow loss for the Dems to become a narrow win via shenanigans.

    Still, it is early. The Dems could very easily turn this around. The AGW wing of their party is in control and everything they are doing right now is out of fear of putting more Carbon into the skies. If Biden tames inflation, puts people back to work, stops the virus, and solves the supply chain issues then the left could have a healthy midterm. No small task.

    One thing I will tell you with certainty. If the Government gives a COLA of 1-2 percent this year when Inflation is soaring to 20-30 percent, there will be a revolution at the polls in 2022. This is a warning for Biden and the Democrats. Pounding fixed-income seniors with huge inflation believed caused by this president’s policies and then denying a COLA that helps them out is tantamount to political suicide.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The 19 GOP Senators who voted for President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill:

    Roy Blunt of Missouri (retiring)
    Richard Burr of North Carolina (2022)
    Bill Cassidy of Louisiana (2026)
    Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia (2026)
    Susan Collins of Maine (2026)
    Kevin Cramer of North Dakota (2022)
    Mike Crapo of Idaho (2022)
    Deb Fischer of Nebraska (2024)
    Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (2026)
    Chuck Grassley of Iowa (2022)
    John Hoeven of North Dakota (2022)
    Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (2026)
    Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (2022)
    Rob Portman of Ohio (2022)
    Jim Risch of Idaho (2026)
    Mitt Romney of Utah (2024)
    Dan Sullivan of Alaska (2024)
    Thom Tillis of North Carolina (2026)
    Roger Wicker of Mississippi (2024)

    Will these commies get primaried by the tRumpublicuns? Eight are either retiring or up for 2022 elections.

  7. Professor Hale says:

    …coffee which will soon taste horrible due to carbon pollution.

    But, carbon filtering makes coffee taste better.

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