Climate Cult Today: GM Warns Bolt Owners, New Wind Turbine Design, CO2 Problems In Iceland

Remember, kiddos, electric vehicles are safe for the environment!

GM tells Bolt owners to park 50 feet from other cars in parking garages, confirms 12 fires

As it seeks a solution to a battery fire risk, General Motors issued yet another safety recommendation Wednesday for Chevrolet Bolt owners: If you’re pulling into a parking deck, keep your car at least 50 feet away from other vehicles.

A customer’s concern about the safety of leaving their electric vehicle in a parking garage led the automaker to provide the additional guidance to owners of the Bolts, all of which GM has recalled, spokesman Dan Flores said.

“In an effort to reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire, we recommend parking on the top floor or on an open-air deck and park 50 feet or more away from another vehicle,” Flores said in a statement. “Additionally, we still request you do not leave your vehicle charging unattended, even if you are using a charging station in a parking deck.” (snip)

GM recently had to recall every Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV — more than 141,000 — after the batteries caught fire in a handful of the electric vehicles. GM and battery supplier LG Energy Solution are working to understand how two “rare” battery defects believed to be the cause of the fires occurred. The automaker has confirmed 12 Bolt battery fires, up from 10 when it issued its latest recall last month.

In all fairness, 12 out of 141K is pretty low, but, it goes to show what happens when you rush stuff, and, more importantly, what do they do with all the batteries from those 141K recalls?

New offshore windmill design has lots of fans

A Norwegian company has come up with a radically different design for offshore wind turbines that could help the world achieve its renewable energy goals.

Why it matters: Wind power is cheap and efficient, but the strongest winds are far offshore, in deep waters, where it’s difficult to drive a turbine into the seabed. Floating wind farms can be anchored farther into the ocean.

Here’s a photo of the new seabird chopper

You know I’m in favor of alternatives, but, this seems worse of an idea than the giant ones.

Rather wild how much CO2 is required for all those foods. I knew about beer and  carbonated drinks, as well as dry ice, but, not the rest.

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3 Responses to “Climate Cult Today: GM Warns Bolt Owners, New Wind Turbine Design, CO2 Problems In Iceland”

  1. Dana says:

    Translation: Chevy is warning you to park away from other vehicles so that when your Dolt bursts into flames, it doesn’t damage someone else’s property . . . and GM doesn’t get sued!

  2. Jl says:

    John-do you have your Chevy Bolt yet?

    • Dana says:

      My older daughter has a Toyota Prius Hybrid, and it’s a great car. It has a smaller gasoline engine to keep the batteries charged, and it gets around 50 MPG. Hybrids make sense, and she has taken the vehicle on some long trips.

      But plug-in electrics don’t really make much sense, not if they are your only car.

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