Federal Judge Refuses DOJ Request To Block Texas Abortion Law

Not that the abortion loving Biden DOJ will give up

Judge rejects DOJ move to block Texas abortion law

A federal judge denied a Department of Justice request to block enforcement of the controversial Texas abortion law.

“[T]his case presents complex, important questions of law that merit a full opportunity for the parties to present their positions to the Court,” wrote United States District Judge Robert Pitman in a one page decision Thursday. “Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that the United States’ Opposed Motion for Expedited Briefing Schedule, (Dkt. 13), is DENIED.”

The DOJ had asked the judge to grant a temporary restraining order or injunction in an effort to block the state from enforcing the law that effectively bans all abortions in Texas, prohibiting the procedure past roughly six weeks into pregnancy.

The DOJ argued that the bill, signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, would “prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights.” The DOJ cited the Supreme Court, which ruled that “a State may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability.” The new Texas law bans abortions before many women even know they are pregnant.

Of course, the Texas law would not prevent women from exercising their right that doesn’t actually exist within the U.S. Constitution, nor prohibit. They are welcome to do it by through week 6, and welcome to go to another state if they so choose.

Portland scraps Texas boycott, allocates abortion funds

The City Council in Portland, Oregon, has scrapped a plan to boycott Texas businesses because of a new law that prohibits most abortions there, deciding Wednesday to instead set aside $200,000 to fund reproductive care.

The liberal Pacific Northwest city made headlines earlier this month when Mayor Ted Wheeler announced plans to ban city business with the Lone Star State. However the proposal was abandoned due to concerns that it could be “punitive to Texans who, are in fact, the most affected” by the abortion law.

The boycott would have banned the purchase of goods and services by Portland from Texas and bar city employee travel until the legislation is reversed or overturned.

Nothing is more sacred to Democrats than abortion on demand. Rather than fixing the serious crime in Portland, turning a nice city into a place that is safer than just 2% of American cities (it actually ranks worse than Chicago) into a hellhole, they’ll spend the money so that women who failed to take proper precautions (blaming the liberal “men” here, too) can use taxpayer funds to use abortion as contraception. And, really, does Texas need their business? Perhaps Texas could block the shipment of fuels to Portland.

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8 Responses to “Federal Judge Refuses DOJ Request To Block Texas Abortion Law”

  1. Kye says:

    Everything the left does is FORCE!

    “The Biden administration has a small problem at the southern border. A group of more than 10,000 Haitian refugees has gathered under a bridge waiting to be taken into custody by border authorities.

    It’s an unsightly mess, to be sure. “Bad optics,” as the politicos say. Not to worry though. The American media is on the job and has done a smartly executed “about face” so they are better able to ignore the catastrophe growing at the border.

    This is not, repeat not, a humanitarian crisis. This is a PR problem, say the Biden people. And addressing the problem means suppressing any news about it. After all, the rubes out in flyover country might get all worked up about tens of thousands of people showing up at our border clamoring to get in. That just won’t do. Who knows? They might even be persuaded to vote the wrong way?

    So the Biden administration has taken the extraordinary step of closing the airspace around the bridge to keep the drones of the rogue news organization Fox News from showing the incredible pictures.”

    Rumor has it that the 3 Blind Mice are being fitted for their snappy new black Hugo Boss uniforms as we speak.

  2. Hairy says:

    I am surprised that our Rev Kye isn’t more sympathetic to these hatian Christrians
    After all the Bible is quite specific in how we should treat immigrants
    I will leave that for others to Google

  3. Hairy says:

    There are 10000 Haitians hoping to get into the USA and work
    But only 10 million jobs available for them
    This is definitely an unsolvable problem at our border

    • Kye says:

      There are10 million jobs available for who? Haitians? Try Americans. What makes you think we need fukin Haitians to fill American jobs? And what makes you believe a bunch of shitball Haitians could fill those jobs.

      If you’re foolish enough to think I believe you want Haitians, Mexicans, Afghans, Columbians, etc., etc brought to America because (once again) you try and misuse the Bible to make a false point you’re crazy. You want to bring these people in to break America not to help the illegals. You leftists just gotta stop lying all the time. How much time and money do you invest in helping Haitian refugees? I can’t hear you!

      The US is being turned into a population dump in order to overwhelm the founding stock. At first, steadily sneaking camel noses in under the tent, decade by decade. But now, since the traumatic Hillary upset actually demonstrated that immigrant numbers still had potential political consequence, it’s suddenly a mad dash to get those numbers just past that magic majority minority threshold.

      We are keeping our own on welfare for generations and bringing in illegals from all over to replace them in the workforce. Why? What does it benefit America to import 2 million “others” a year?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We have 65,000 Afghans on their way, too. Do you agree we owe the Afghan refugees help?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        And aren’t you and your business partners making serious bank (from taxpayers) off refugees?

        • Kye says:

          We don’t “owe” the afghan refugees jack-fukin-shit! We spent $4trillion and wasted 6,000 American lives trying to turn that filthy mooslem shithole into a civilized country for nothing. They owe US.

          You must be really pissed at that retard you installed as the fake president after he murdered 10 civilians including 7 children in a drone strike against ISIS.

          WHY HASN”T THE INEPT TRAITOR MILLEY BEEN FIRED, court-martialed and shot?

          I and my partners will be really making “serious bank” off you and your grinning fool biden thank you very much.

          I must share with you the good news: my NGO non-profit has signed on to buy property to place diseased Haitian “refugees”, Afghan terrorists and rapists, MS-13 drug and gun smugglers, assorted S. American human traffickers and child molesters in the great shithole of ST. Louis, Missouri. Yes, Elwoods neighborhood. BY ORDER OF THE IDIOT HE PUT IN OFFICE.

          When our CFO, Seoh told me today I was elated. Now I get to fill Elwood’s already crappy neighborhood with more filthy, perverted, criminal demofascist voters. Seoh will be in St. Louis on Oct. 4th thru Oct 7th. He’s calling it at least 25 properties grossing at least $50k per week. Thank you junta joe you sick, commie mutherfuker.

          BTW, we’ve decided to give our first donation to a conservative veterans organization. Thanks again dementor joe. What a clown show this idiot is.

          WHERE’S KAMELTOE??????

  4. Zachriel says:

    William Teach: Of course, the Texas law would not prevent women from exercising their right that doesn’t actually exist within the U.S. Constitution, nor prohibit. They are welcome to do it by through week 6, and welcome to go to another state if they so choose.

    Most women don’t even know they are pregnant by that point. Not everyone can afford to travel to another state. Nor does the law allow exceptions for rape or incest.

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