EPA Hilariously Warns Warmist Gavin Newsome That His Electric Car Mandate Might Be Illegal

You know, I will say that it is a close call whether California can mandate no more sales of fossil fueled vehicles in 2035, and that all vehicles sold must be EVs. Is this a case of State’s Rights, the 10th Amendment, or the Constitutional power of the federal government to regulate interstate commerce, since the vehicles are mostly made in other states? I’d lean on the prior, but, get this: Democrats mostly laid out the rules and regs that could stop this #irony

EPA Warns California’s 2035 Ban on Gas-Powered Cars Is Possibly Illegal

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Monday warned in a letter sent to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) that his executive order banning gas-powered vehicles may be unlawful, Reuters reports.

Wheeler wrote that Newsom’s plan “raises serious questions regarding its legality and practicality” and argued that it may cause further issues problems plaguing the state’s electrical grid.

“California’s record of rolling blackouts – unprecedented in size and scope – coupled with recent requests to neighboring states for power begs the question of how you expect to run an electric car fleet that will come with significant increases in electricity demand, when you can’t even keep the lights on today,” the Trump official stated.

Newsom has yet to reply to the EPA.

From that Reuters article based on the letter

The EPA in 2019 issued rules barring California from requiring the sale of electric vehicles; a court challenge is pending.

Newsom said last week the California Air Resources Board (CARB) would write binding regulations to implement the 2035 goal. Wheeler wrote those regulations “may require California to request a waiver to U.S. EPA.”

The Climate Cultists in the Democratic Party took over the EPA long ago and wrote the rules and regs that put the EPA in charge in such a Progressive (nice Fascist) manner, they can’t complain about it now.

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5 Responses to “EPA Hilariously Warns Warmist Gavin Newsome That His Electric Car Mandate Might Be Illegal”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Andrew Wheeler is a former coal industry lobbyist appointed by Mr. Trump after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt left in disgrace. He was the lawyer for coal company Murray Energy.

    His objective is to bury the EPA, not honor it.

  2. Dana says:

    Hey, the Democratic candidates all had some version of restricting new car sales to plug in electric vehicles, so Governor Newsom’s ideas aren’t that far out of the Democratic mainstream. The problem is that the Democratic Party mainstream is so far out of reason, sense and logic.

    California is a big state, and it’s 380 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco. To make that drive in an electric car, you’ll have to make a 60+ minute recharging stop in most electric vehicles, or, you might make it if you have a really good battery pack, but you’ll arrive with a “flat can.”

    You could make a better case for plug in electrics in some of the smaller states in New England, but the American West is very big, and a lot of the states are very empty.

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