St. Greta Resumes Climate (scam) Strikes Or Something

This is definitely one of those “or something’s”

Greta Thunberg resumes school strikes for climate

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has resumed her school strikes on Friday.

Thunberg gathered with a dozen other demonstrators in front of Parliament in Stockholm as part of the global climate movement Fridays for Future.

Wait, how many?

That’s all they can get. Sure looks like this is super important for the kids…a few of them look like adults. There are a couple smart ones who aren’t wearing masks because they are over 6 feet away, though.

(UK Guardian) School pupils, youth activists and communities around the world have turned out for a day of climate strikes, intended to underscore the urgency of the climate crisis even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing and other Covid-19 control measures dampened the protests, but thousands of activists posted on social media and took to the streets to protest against the lack of climate action from world leaders. Strikes were scheduled in at least 3,500 locations around the globe.

Friday’s strikes – some in the form of mostly socially distanced physical marches on the streets, and some purely online meetings – were on a smaller scale and far more subdued than last year’s September week of action, in which at least 6 million people around the world were estimated to have taken part.

I wonder if lots more of the Klimate Kiddies realize that lockdown is the world they’re trying to create with their policy positions.

Oh, and this doesn’t look like it’s about Science

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2 Responses to “St. Greta Resumes Climate (scam) Strikes Or Something”

  1. formwiz says:

    Bitchi Longstocking doesn’t realize she’s on her 20th minute.

  2. Uncle Dan says:

    That is an incredibly small protest/strike/whatever. Note the participants are spread out to maximize the impression that there are more people than there are – because it’s SO small. There are literally TEN people striking and one guy who appears to be walking past them in a very non-striking way.
    Limbaugh was right when, back in the early nineties, he said the Communists had morphed into environmentalist watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside.

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