Black Police Chiefs Leaving Job Due To Leftist Policies, Riots

Way to go, Democrats. Heck, let’s call it correctly: mostly white Democrats. You’ve driven black police chiefs out. Guess that is too much diversity for you

Protests drive Black police chiefs off the job: ‘These people get in the way of the narrative’

Two more high-profile Black police chiefs announced this week that they plan to step down amid protest unrest, spurring more questions about whether Black Lives Matter is hurting rather than helping Black Americans.

In New York, Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary said Wednesday that he refused to “sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character.” Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall submitted her resignation Tuesday after coming under criticism for her handling of anti-police protests.

They are departing a month after the retirement of Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, the city’s first Black female chief, who fought for months to squelch protest rioting as the City Council, which has no Black members, voted to cut the department’s budget.

Black conservatives were quick to point out the irony. “There was a time in this country where systemic racism existed; and you couldn’t find a black police chief,” tweeted Allen Sutton, founder of Stewardship America.

“Now, black police chiefs are being forced out; by no less than the liberal establishment and Democrat party leaders,” he said. “Seattle? Rochester? Who’s next?” (snip)

Black police chiefs are hardly alone. More than a dozen chiefs have announced their departures since the start of mass protests over the May 25 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. In New York City alone, hundreds of officers have reportedly sought to retire early or leave the force.

And then the people in these leftist cities will complain when police response times go up up up as does crime. Call a social worker, see how that works out.

“All of these people get in the way of the narrative,” Fox Nation host Lara Logan said on “The Ingraham Angle.” “The narrative is that the entire police force is racist and needs to be abolished, so having a Black female police chief just gets in the way of that propaganda completely and makes a mockery of it.”

In fact, she said, Black police chiefs “who are a powerful symbol of what progress has been made in this country, those are the ones that have to go. They have to be targeted.”

The Narrative was destroyed months ago when the riots started and didn’t stop. We know BLM is a Marxist group, and that so much of the violence is being perpetuated by white Democratic Party voters who consider themselves Antifa. In Portland we see

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Disciplining Police While Ignoring Deadly Rioters

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, where violent and even deadly riots have taken place nightly for more than 100 days, is now disciplining police officers who are accused of misconduct as they respond to rioters.

As Breitbart News reported, a majority of Portland voters disapprove of Wheeler’s job performance, and rioters have demanded he step down as mayor and police commissioner.

The Portland PD released a statement defending themselves, and, I think we can expect lots and lots of officers to soon leave. Why continue to work in a dangerous environment when you don’t have the backing of the city council and mayor, and they’re looking to defund you?

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association has now switched their endorsement to the Republican in the race.

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