The Climate Crisis (scam) Is Really An Empathy Crisis Or Something

This comes from someone who empathized with an enemy of the United States

St. Greta must be pissed over Hanoi Jane hijacking her schtick with her “Fire Drill Fridays”.

Here we go

During her appearance on “The View” Thursday, Fonda explained why she believes the climate crisis and racial injustice are intertwined.

“There’s a lot of levels to it,” Fonda began. “First of all, the fossil fuel industry very deliberately puts its infrastructures, its wells, its fracking bits, its refineries and an incinerators in communities of color thinking that these people don’t have enough power to push back and complain.

“As a result the people who live there are getting sick, especially respiratory problems which makes them extremely vulnerable to the COVID pandemic,” Fonda continued. “What has brought us to this point in terms of the climate crisis comes from the same mentality that brought — that had slavery create the economy in this country. Treating people like they weren’t human, and putting them into bondage. It’s the same mentality.”

Wow, that’s a lot of crazy with the linkage, eh?

“When we talk about the climate crisis, we’re really talking about everything, an extractive, xenophobic, entitled mindset that has to be done away with ’cause the crisis that we’re facing isn’t just a climate crisis. It’s an empathy crisis. It’s an equality crisis,” Fonda added.

In other words, you aren’t allowed to have your own thoughts anymore. Seriously, these hardcore Modern Socialists keep telling us the things they want, and one is to do away with Free Speech.

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One Response to “The Climate Crisis (scam) Is Really An Empathy Crisis Or Something”

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Behind it all, the tribe as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin. You are surely aware that Schwartz György is funding Saint Greta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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