You Ate A Burger, Causing 500,000 Californians To Go Without Power

I bet you had a big sugary drink with your burger, too, right? For shame

California’s Climate Crisis Is Deepening as 500,000 Go Dark

In a matter of weeks, California has been hit with two record-breaking heat waves, hundreds of blazes, freak lightning storms and dangerously poor air quality. Now, unusually strong winds are threatening to knock down power lines and ignite more wildfires.

That prompted PG&E Corp. to impose power cuts for more than 500,000 people and could spurs utilities in Southern California to do the same on a smaller scale Tuesday night. As dangerous conditions stretch across the West, an Oregon-based utility has also switched off power to some of its customers.

The shutoffs that California’s largest utility began late Monday are the latest blow for the disaster-weary state, where climate change is making weather ever more extreme. Temperatures have soared to records from Napa to Los Angeles. Wildfires have torched more than 2.2 million acres, the most in records stretching back three decades. Hundreds of thousands of people may be in the dark for days while trapped indoors due to wildfire smoke and Covid-19 outbreaks.

Officials are responding with equally extreme measures. In August, California carried out its first rotating blackouts since the 2001 energy crisis, drawing the ire of millions who went powerless as extreme temperatures boosted demand for electricity. The Trump administration on Sunday declared a power emergency, allowing generating plants to run at full bore, regardless of environmental limits.

Let’s cut to the chase: instead of spending oodles of taxpayer dollars on the mythical climate change while increasing costs and decreasing the available energy by getting rid of stuff that works, California could have updated their electrical grid, burying more lines underground, replaced coal plants with nuclear and natural gas, and so much more. It’s a state that gets very dry and very windy, so anything, such as a gender reveal pyrotechnic, can make a tiny fire huge. There’s nothing carbon pollution related.

Just a state that bought into a cult and made bad choices, rather than realizing that the world warms mostly naturally, adapt properly. A state run by Democrats. Yet, enough people in California will keep voting for them like fools. Oh, and let’s not forget all those who voted Democrat and are now running for Arizona.

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One Response to “You Ate A Burger, Causing 500,000 Californians To Go Without Power”

  1. Joe says:

    Power just came back on after 2lmost 2 days. I ran my Generac for the entire time, even turned on the A/C all day. I probably kicked out more CO2 than a large herd of beeve cattle. I’m not even home from 0530 to 1630. I just wanted cold beer when I came home.

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