Shocking: Extinction Rebellion Has Been Infiltrated With Marxists

I’m gobsmacked. They just seemed so reasonable in their demands and actions

Extinction Rebellion at war with itself after infiltration by Marxists

A bitter battle is raging for control of Extinction Rebellion, with claims that the organisation is being infiltrated by far-Left groups who want it to adopt a more overtly militant socialist agenda.

More militant than it already is?

Evidence is emerging that Marxist groups such as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Young Communist League (YCL) have instructed members to join the ranks of XR with a view to exerting a strong influence on its strategy.

The SWP has encouraged its members to attend Extinction Rebellion protests and blockades in order to recruit members to its own ranks and influence the organisation away from its original aim to tackle environmental threats towards a more Marxist direction.

Matters came to a head last week when members of the YCL, the youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain, were photographed at an Extinction Rebellion protest in Parliament Square holding a banner that read “Socialism not Extinction” alongside a hammer and sickle.

XR had this to say


Writing in the London Left Green Blog page Mr Story warned: “While new ideas are definitely required, what XR does NOT need is an outside organisation of experienced and disciplined political operators to enter it with the usual SWP objectives in mind: recruiting new members, manipulation, stirring up disputes and splits, capturing leadership roles and the like.”

XR was originally formed in late 2018 by activists involved in direct action groups including Occupy, Plane Stupid and Reclaim the Power. It advocated “revolution,” and redistribution of wealth, and was regarded by senior police officers as being an extremist anarchist group.

Nope, definitely not socialist.

Antifa wants to infiltrate and take over the Hotcoldwetdry movement, as well.

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4 Responses to “Shocking: Extinction Rebellion Has Been Infiltrated With Marxists”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Daddy’s little girl is just AWFL (Affluent White Female).
    Bless her little heart. buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons&__twitter_impression=true


  2. formwiz says:

    Speaking of infiltration, new findings vindicate numbers that say the Cooper Crud is a scam.

    In our last exciting episode, we learned 90% of positive tests were false and only 6% (watch that number come down) of fatalities were caused by the flu.

    The virus is 10 times less fatal than we first thought. The vast majority who catch it will have mild or no symptoms. a 50-to-64-year-old person who has a single random contact has, on average, a 1 in 852,000 chance of being hospitalized or a 1 in 19.1 million chance of dying

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