HuffPost Suddenly Notices Portland Police Backing Off From Violence

The Modern Socialist HuffPost wasn’t particularly concerned with all the violence in Portland from their Comrades nor that the police weren’t really do all that much, backing off quite a bit, especially as they were ordered to back off, over the past 80+ days. Now, though

Portland Police Are Giving Up On Policing The Far-Right

The Portland Police Bureau appears to have all but given up on policing the far-right factions brawling in the Oregon city’s streets, despite a recent escalation in violence that has seen those extremists throw explosives, brandish guns and in one case fire them at other protesters.

It’s common to see far-right extremist groups like the Proud Boys exchanging blows with counterprotesters in Portland. They’ve been doing that for years, often as PPB officers watched until a riot was officially declared and then police cleared the streets using tear gas and other munitions.

But over the weekend, police took an entirely hands-off approach to the fighting, even as the demonstrations grew more violent than ever. As officers stood by on Saturday, the Proud Boys and their far-right friends attacked and intimidated anti-fascist protesters using paintball guns, mace, fireworks, aluminum bats and various firearms, according to The Washington Post.

See? Suddenly, groups like the Proud Boys show up and brawl with Antifa (wait, I thought Leftists said that Antifa was a myth, that there was no group? No?) and the cops are seemingly powerless/avoiding the violence, and this is too much? That they want the cops, who have been demonized constantly in the HuffPost, to Do Something? The violence prior to the Proud Boys showing up, all the arson, assaults, property destruction, and so forth, was OK, and they were happy the police did nothing about it? They were upset that federal law enforcement was there to protect a federal building, and were happy when they left so the violence could continue. The Oregon State Police came to replace them to attempt to reduce the violence, yet, it didn’t, and they left because the people breaking the law were not being charged.

Meanwhile, over a loudspeaker, police encouraged those present to “self-monitor for criminal activity.” In essence, the PPB had thrown up its hands.

In a statement to The Washington Post, the bureau said that officers were tired from responding to ongoing demonstrations against racism and police brutality, which have kept Portland in the national spotlight for weeks. Officers wouldn’t intervene in small skirmishes between “willing participants,” even if the clashes fit the city’s definition of a riot.

Seriously, HuffPost is on the front lines of calling for the police to be defunded, and now they want the police?

Hey, perhaps if they are fighting each other the Antifa/BLM folks won’t trash businesses, scare people at their homes, light fires, and assault normal citizens.

“Each skirmish appeared to involve willing participants and the events were not enduring in time, so officers were not deployed to intervene,” the bureau said of Saturday’s events. “PPB members have been the focus of over 80 days of violent actions directed at the police, which is a major consideration for determining if police resources are necessary to interject between two groups with individuals who appear to be willingly engaging in physical confrontations for short durations.”

Or a different opinion if the cops were suddenly ignoring crazies like the Proud Boys showing up to beat the asses of the Antifa nutters (they’re both horrible sets of people).

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2 Responses to “HuffPost Suddenly Notices Portland Police Backing Off From Violence”

  1. formwiz says:

    Proud Boys are the counterprotesters.

  2. Est1950 says:

    CNN anchor: Hows things going on the ground there phil?

    Phil: Not to bad only seen a few burn………..(Burning buildings, riots, violence that he wanted to say was cut off in mid sentence)

    CNN anchor: We are having difficulties with Phil, meanwhile the peaceful protests continue as the unhinged hatred of the right and cops continues to be the focal point of the peaceful protests in Wisconsin.

    The Press? I don’t believe any of them. Including Fox News. They all have an agenda, they pander to a class of voters for clicks and ad revenue.

    Fox is the most watched cable network on the planet and they pander to the right with whatever stirs the right up. In the meantime the Marxist media panders to the left with whatever narrative the left has running this week.

    Huffington post is just writing bullsheet stories for clicks and ad revenue. Journalism has died and it is now all opinion pieces with whatever slant they wish to push in each article.

    There is no news. Hell Even the OP of this blog just cuts and pastes other posts and then comments on them. It’s not like he is in a tuna boat measuring ice flow and temperature data. Its not like he is marching from city to city to find out where all these temperature measuing equiptment is located.

    He OPINES. I OPINE because I do the same thing. I research the internet then form an opinion based upon who I have grown up to be and then that is my driving force.

    I am opposed to AGW. Not because I don’t believe the planet is warming or that Co2 can cause said warming but because they have NO plan other than to destroy fossil fuels leaving America and the West vulnerable to destruction from China, Russia, NK and Iran who will have ultimate power with ultimate fossil fuels.

    So It is one misdirection after another. So many million lawyers and doctors and Bernstein and Woodwards all with the absolute Truth and yet everyone of them get their information from someone else who wrote a story using someone elses story.

    The internet is the end of times. It will bring the world to its knees.

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