Winning Hearts And Minds: Chicago “Protesters” Attack Ronald McDonald House

Nothing says “we care” like attacking a facility that helps kids of all races

Ronald McDonald House Was One of the Chicago Looters’ Targets

The Ronald McDonald House in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago was targeted by looters early Monday morning.

The facility provides housing and resources to families who have a child receiving treatment at a local hospital. The suspected vandals allegedly broke into the facility near Lurie Children’s Hospital while families were sleeping inside, CBS Chicago reported.

Several windows were left smashed, and the front door to the facility had to be boarded up.

Residents had to be placed on lockdown while the mayhem took place outside.

“We’re here for families at all times — whether there’s a pandemic or civil unrest, we need to make sure that we are here allowing families to get the rest they need while they have a child in the hospital seeking care, and so it’s so important that anything that might be going on outside, we maintain our care for families,” said Lisa Mitchell of Ronald McDonald House.

Such nice people

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2 Responses to “Winning Hearts And Minds: Chicago “Protesters” Attack Ronald McDonald House”

  1. formwiz says:

    The old Commie trick.

    Get a lot of kids between you and the cops (or troops) and open fire. When tyhe good guys return fire, Fake News always says the good guys opened fire on the kids.

  2. Dana says:

    I am continually amazed at just how stupid the left are. Vandalizing a Ronald McDonald House? Blocking traffic? Burning out businesses of people who are more probably their allies than their enemies? How do they think this is going to win more people to their causes?

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