Woman Kicked Off Airplane For Wearing Inappropriate Mask, Plays The Victim

What is it with people who wear apparel that have highly inappropriate messages out in public? Then they get upset when someone calls them out, and they play the Victim

A Florida woman was kicked off American Airlines flight for wearing a ‘F— 12’ face mask

A South Florida activist was ejected from an American Airlines flight last week for wearing an anti-law enforcement face mask.

Arlinda Johns boarded the plane to Illinois when she was asked to cover her face mask that said “F— 12”, Miami’s WPLG reported. The number “12” refers to police departments.

Johns told the outlet she was an abolitionist and believes in defunding the police. After she was confronted, she told the outlet she abided by the airline’s rules and put on a new mask.

The plane was about to take off when a stewardess walked up to Johns in her seat and said, “‘I better not see that other mask,'” Johns told WPLG.

Right, right, I’m sure the flight attendant said that.

Minutes later, the plane returned to the boarding gate and airport officers escorted Johns off the aircraft, WPLG reported.

Johns reportedly recorded the incident and told the outlet, “I think I got taken off the plane because I’m Black.”


However, the airline said in a statement to Insider that Johns “refused to follow crew member instructions to remove or cover a face mask with offensive language.”

“Although [Johns] initially complied, [she] later continued to display the inappropriate language,” the airline said in a statement. “After arriving at the gate, the passenger was asked to deplane.”

In other words, she briefly took it off when asked then immediately put it back on. And, she was apparently streaming on Facebook Live, almost like she was expecting a problem, and, she’s playing the Victim, rather than the person who’s walking around an airport and airplane with “Fuck 12”, which means “Fuck The Police”. Local 10 notes

According to its Conditions of Carriage, American Airlines says “offensive clothing” is not allowed.

If you or I work a mask that said Fuck Trump or Fuck Biden, we’d be asked to remove it. If we put it back on, we’d be asked to deplane, then escorted right out of the airport.

More: Here’s another bit of Victimhood

She was on the beach wearing a thong, and it is against the rules to expose one’s buttocks on most beaches. And most pools. Sure, most guys won’t say anything, but, women with children might. Or, a lifeguard or officer. She had to know this, yet, she did it anyway. And, according to reports, she was cavorting around taking video, so, attempting to be the Center Of Attention, as so many do these days. Cops came, weren’t going to arrest her, just told her the statute. She decided to be a jerk and then walk away. And now she is playing The Victim, instead of being an adult and saying “yeah, I was wrong.”

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