North Carolina Gym Owners To File Suit Over COVID-19 Restrictions

I said this would probably happen this week, and now it is

‘We’re smart people’: Gym owners to file lawsuit against Phase 2 restrictions

Local gym owners plan to file a lawsuit against Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday.

When Cooper laid out a three-phase plan last month to resume business and social activities statewide amid the pandemic, fitness centers were part of the second part of the plan. But when the governor actually moved the state into Phase 2 on May 22, gyms were left out, forcing them closed for at least five additional weeks.

Many gym owners say being kept closed is unconstitutional and harmful, not helpful.

Robin Gardner-Smith and Ed Smith, who own about a dozen Fit4Life health clubs across the state, are among the plaintiffs in the pending lawsuit. They maintain that the state’s restrictions are unconstitutional, violating their right to earn a living.

Cooper and NCDHHS Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen said they’re trying to prevent a spike in the number of cases, but gym owners say it’s not fair to pick and choose which businesses can open.

There never really was a reason given by the governor as to why gyms would be excluded from opening, other than them being inside. Yet, restaurants are inside. Same with getting your hair cut and colored. I supposed they’re thinking “well, people sweat, and it gets everywhere.” I get why bars and nightclubs are closed. People will be way too close to each other. For places like theaters, how would that work? The only thing I can think of is allowing 1 person on each end of each center row, and only one in each side row, so people do not cross near each other. Then having to clean each seat after each showing. Would people come? I’ve been to day matinees where there were only 3-4 people for big movies.

Regardless, with gyms you could restrict to 25% capacity. Make sure people are wiping up, which they should be doing anyhow. Disallowing people spotting, because they would be too close. Some folks will just have to lift a bit lower, eh? Close off half the treadmills/ellipticals/bikes. It can be done. And, remember, people who go to gyms tend to be more healthy. Everyone would just need to be cautious, just like at everywhere else that is open.

Hell, I’d wear a mask if necessary to be able to go again.

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