Health Professional Groups Call For “Green” Recovery From Coronavirus

One question not asked is “how many members of these groups agree with the statement?”

World health leaders urge green recovery from coronavirus crisis

Doctors and medical professionals from around the globe have called on world leaders to ensure a green recovery from the coronavirus crisis that takes account of air pollution and climate breakdown.

More than 200 organisations representing at least 40 million health workers – making up about half of the global medical workforce – have signed an open letter to the G20 leaders and their chief medical advisers, pointing to the 7 million premature deaths to which air pollution contributes each year around the world.

Chief medical officers and chief scientific advisers must be directly involved in designing the stimulus packages now under way, the letter urges, in order to ensure they include considerations of public health and environmental concerns. They say public health systems should be strengthened, and they warn of how environmental degradation could help to unleash future diseases.

The signatories also want reforms to fossil fuel subsidies, with public support shifted towards renewable energy, which they say would make for cleaner air, cut greenhouse gas emissions and help to spur economic growth of nearly $100tn in the next three decades.

You know, if they staid with real environmental concerns, like air pollution, that might have been fine. But, no, they have to jump into fossil fuels and ‘climate change’. One has to wonder when all these rich doctors will give up their own big carbon footprints with their fancy, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles, their golfing, their fossil fueled vacations, having 2nd homes, having big 1st homes, and so forth.

Air quality in 1st world nations is mostly pretty good after air quality laws originating in the 1970’s. Interestingly, the places with the worst air quality in 1st world nations tends to occur in cities run by ‘climate change’ believers.

Some countries are considering a green recovery from the crisis by attaching stern conditions to any bailouts for fossil fuel-dependent industries, such as aviation, and by pumping money into infrastructure that reduces greenhouse gases, from broadband for remote working to better cycle lanes and electric vehicle charging points. A recent study from Oxford University found this would yield more jobs and a better return on public investment than returning to business as usual.

“Health professionals are at the frontlines of this emergency, and we are seeing the immense loss of lives because of acting too late,” said Miguel Jorge, the president of the World Medical Association. “We know now more than ever that healthy lives depend on a healthy planet. As we walk on the road to recovery, we need to build a system that will protect us from further damage. We need a healthy and green recovery.”

OK, we can run hospitals and the overpriced doctors offices on unicorn dust, OK? Alright, we’ll let them only run on solar and wind. So, they can make coffee, and that’s about it. When they practice what they preach, I’ll consider it. Instead, they want to force Other People via dictatorial government.

BTW, when are they giving up their big salaries? They do know that green policies will take lots and lots of their money, right? Or, do they think they will be excluded?

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