Interesting: Democrats Are Suddenly For “Walls” And Against Election Monitoring

The Bat Soup Virus pandemic has exposed Democrats in various ways. It’s shown that a goodly chunk of them are truly Authoritarians at heart. We’ve seen small bits of this pre-pandemic, and bigly in practice during. We’ve seen them want to blow off the Constitution in practice. And, apparently, they actually like walls, at least when they apply to U.S. citizens

Michigan Protester: Democrats Now Believe ‘Walls Do Work’ with Quarantine Orders

Michigan protester Rob Cortis told Breitbart News that Democrats now believe walls work because of the quarantines they’ve imposed.

Cortis and his “Trump Unity Bridge” float were in Grand Haven, Michigan, on Saturday to protest the closure of a huge parking lot at Gand Haven State Park, shuttered due to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown orders.

“Nancy Pelosi, [Chuck] Schumer, even Joe Biden and [Barack] Obama. They all finally agree with President Trump that walls do work because they’re endorsing the quarantine around all the people, building a wall around them and saying, ‘If we build a wall around you with quarantine, you’ll be safe,’” Cortis told Breitbart News.

“And if you’re safe, we’ll slowly let you out properly. We’ll put some rules and guidelines together, just like President Trump said,” he said.

“They all agree with President Trump!” he declared.

It is a good point, is it not? The hardest lockdowns were mostly in states and cities run by Democrats. Those were the areas we were seeing the police sent after people outside, even when those people were social distancing and/or doing things allowed. Heck, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening to sic the NYPD on people partying outside NYC bars. In Miami the other day a woman was arrested for sitting on the beach with a “We Are Free” sign. It took 3 police vehicles and 3 foot officers to drag this woman involved in her 1st Amendment right to protest away.

Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting
Officials seek to recruit 50,000 poll watchers and spend millions to fight voter fraud. Democrats say the real goal is to stop them from voting.

Almost no reason to get beyond the headline and subhead, eh?

Six months before a presidential election in which turnout could matter more than persuasion, the Republican Party, the Trump campaign and conservative activists are mounting an aggressive national effort to shape who gets to vote in November — and whose ballots are counted.

Its premise is that a Republican victory in November is imperiled by widespread voter fraud, a baseless charge embraced by President Trump, but repeatedly debunked by research. Democrats and voting rights advocates say the driving factor is politics, not fraud — especially since Mr. Trump’s narrow win in 2016 underscored the potentially crucial value of depressing turnout by Democrats, particularly minorities.

Would you believe this piece is in the U.S. section, not the opinion section?

The Republican program, which has gained steam in recent weeks, envisions recruiting up to 50,000 volunteers in 15 key states to monitor polling places and challenge ballots and voters deemed suspicious. That is part of a $20 million plan that also allots millions to challenge lawsuits by Democrats and voting-rights advocates seeking to loosen state restrictions on balloting. The party and its allies also intend to use advertising, the internet and President Trump’s command of the airwaves to cast Democrats as agents of election theft.

Remember when Democrats were screeching about Bush stealing the election in 2000 and 2004? And how so many wanted the United Nations to monitor the elections in 2004 and 2008 and 2012 and 2016? But, are now against poll monitoring? How about that?

Oh, look, more

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