‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is Lowering Cancer Survival Rates Or Something

Is there anything that the Warmists won’t say ‘climate change’ is making worse? Is there anything that the Cult of Climastrology won’t link to their doomsday cult?

Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens prevention

Climate change is hindering progress on cancer prevention and increasing people’s exposure to deadly carcinogens, according to a new report from scientists at the American Cancer Society and Harvard University.

Hotter temperatures worldwide have fueled more frequent weather disasters like hurricanes and wildfires that release vast amounts of carcinogens into communities and delay access to cancer treatment.

“The prospects for further progress in cancer prevention and control in this century are bright but face an easily overlooked threat from climate change,” scientists wrote in a new report in the journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

For instance, when Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas and Louisiana in August 2017, it caused catastrophic flooding that inundated chemical plants and oil refineries and released deadly carcinogens into neighborhoods in Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city.

See, hurricanes never happened prior to the combustion engine. Wildfires, by the way, are not weather disasters. What we have learned is most are set, intentionally or unintentionally, by humans. Nor have either hurricanes and wildfires increased from a tiny 1.5F increase in the global temperature since 1850, much of which is from land use and the Urban Heat Island effect.

Extreme weather disasters also lower cancer survival rates. One study shows that cancer patients were 19% more likely to die when hurricane declarations were made during their therapy because of treatment interruptions compared with patients who had regular access to care.

Yes, that’s understandable. However, hurricanes do not happen that often, and are not due to a slight temperature increase because you, my friend, ate a burger then took a fossil fueled trip.

Climate-change mitigation efforts in general can benefit cancer prevention by lowering harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists urged interventions like increased use of renewable energy, sustainable manufacturing and reduced intake of red and processed meat.

None of those will stop hurricanes, tropical systems, and idiots starting fires. But, acolytes of the Cult of Climastrology always have to keep the doom going. And, you know what? Without the trappings of a modern society brought by fossil fuels and inexpensive electricity most people would die of cancer like they used to before the Modern Warm Period.

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  1. Kye says:

    Glow Ball warming is also responsible for ED, toe fungus, gout and triskaidekaphobia. Of course women and minorities hit hardest.

    Trump 2020 let’s erase Glow Ball warming like the left erases America.


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