University Of California Warmists Demand Colleges Prioritize ‘Climate Change’

I have some ideas for them to incorporate it

New UC president must prioritize addressing system’s climate change shortcomings

only continued to bring the heat.

The current UC President, Janet Napolitano, announced last year she would be stepping down in August. Soon after, a special committee was formed to review potential candidates and recommend an appointment to the Board of Regents.

At a town hall hosted by UC Berkeley as part of the presidential search, Board of Regents Chair John Pérez said the board would consider climate change in their process of selecting a new president.

The decision came only after the UC San Diego Green New Deal sent a petition containing roughly 2,000 signatures from members across all UC campuses to the regents.

But despite the UC’s hesitant commitment to including climate change on the docket, the regents have yet to add the issue to the official selection criteria.

The UC hasn’t exactly been convincing in its attempts to portray itself as an entity that prioritizes mitigating its contributions to climate change – and its recent actions haven’t helped bolster its image. The regents shouldn’t be discussing the pressing issue of climate change in an apathetic manner, especially given their large platform and ability to influence universities beyond California. And stating that climate change will be considered in the selection of a new president isn’t anywhere near sufficient in proving that the UC is serious about asserting itself as a proponent against the climate crisis.

Hey, if the kids really want something done

All the UC schools can turn off their heat and AC. Shut down the school buses and make the kids walk or ride a bike or skateboard or something. Make the kids pay an extra fee (carbon tax) to attend college and each class. Make them plant trees or other manual labor for the WiFi which uses energy. Restrict the use of hair dryers in the dorms. Turn off the power to the dorms after 11pm. Limit showers in the dorms to 3 minutes. And so forth. Make the kids practice what they preach.

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  1. John says:

    Teach at any time in our historical record has the temp increased at the same rate it is now increasing ?like over the last 3 decades?

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