Surprise: EU Green Deal Will Line The Pockets Of The Rich

Well, that’s strange. I thought all these Green New Deals were all about helping the disadvantaged and stuff

The European Green Deal will bypass the poor and go straight to the rich

The European Green Deal is the European commission’s proposed €1tn plan to finance the transition away from fossil fuels to decarbonising Europe’s economy. But the commission quietly dropped the word “new” from original US plans for a green new deal, which of course echo Franklin D Roosevelt’s Depression-era economic New Deal.

Losing that “new” is a signal that the commission does not seek system change through ambitious green macroeconomics and tough regulation of carbon financiers. Rather, it takes a politics as usual, third-way approach that seeks to nudge the market towards decarbonisation.

The macroeconomics of the European Green Deal remains trapped in the black zero logic of austerity. Instead of ambitious green fiscal activism, it mostly reshuffles existing European funds through a logic of seed funding to mobilise private sector money. Public money will be used to take risk out of private business activities and finance a “just transition” mechanism that promises to protect groups like Polish miners after their coal mines close through retraining and reskilling programmes.

Well, really, this is all truly pushed by the rich and powerful to enrich themselves and giving them even more power. Useful Idiots at the lower economic sector follow along, never realizing that they are, in fact, Useful Idiots.

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3 Responses to “Surprise: EU Green Deal Will Line The Pockets Of The Rich”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    We cant NUDGE away from carbon fuels. We only have 9 years now. We have to race off the cliff.

    End all fossil fuels. End anything that might create co2 of any kind.


    We only have 10 fuking years. 10 fuking years. 10 fuking years or we all DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s this NUDGING AWAY from fossil fuels. At the rate politicians move in 50 years we will still be nudging away claiming we only have 10 years to live!

    • Nighthawk says:

      It’s always been 10 years, or 12 years, or some number of years close enough as to cause panic in the ignorant masses yet far enough that when the doom fails to happen most will have forgotten about that prediction and moved on to the next, or 5th, 10 year prediction.

      Sad that these cultists don’t realize that these predictions of doom have been made for decades but NONE have happened. That the actual effects of the current, natural warming has been having noting but positive effects on the planet.

      • Kye says:

        My theory of AGW is like my theory of socialism. When people get too rich and comfortable they tend to seek new ways to fuk up their existence. It may just be human nature. Under capitalism most of the people and even the poor enjoy a better standard of living than the majority of mankind at any stage of history. Because of that they decide man and therefore the world is perfectible and they think socialism to be the Great Equalizer regardless of the historical evidence to the contrary.

        With AGW the same people with wealth and entirely too much time on their hands decides they are God and will change the climate of the earth. It’s just a coincidence that the same people who buy into that nonsense are the ones who can’t put together a caucus in Iowa. They also think they can create a single payer health system in a country of 330 million because Sweden with 10 million can. They forget that we pay for Sweden’s defense and their taxes are the highest in the world at almost 60% on income alone. Just my observations.

        Trump 2020 Keep taxes down to keep America great.

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