Say, Will Nevada Be The First Climate Primary In America?

Say, if ‘climate change’ is so important to Nevada, why don’t they get rid of Las Vegas and Reno, both of which use enormous amounts of energy and water, not too mention all the vast amounts of fossil fuels used to transport people to, from, and around those cities, and the fossil fuels used for all the food and drink and other stuff

Why Nevada will be America’s first climate primary

Democratic presidential candidates are pivoting to Nevada, the first state in the nominating process whose population is comprised mostly of people of color — who have somewhat different concerns and interests than voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

A new poll reveals that one of their top priorities is climate change. The cause is particularly important to Latinx voters, who represent a growing political force in the Western state.

According to data collected by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and the Nevada Conservation League, 86 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers listed climate and environmental protection as “very important” or the “most important” issue to them in 2020. Health care edges out climate change for the No. 1 policy concern, but the data show environmental concerns consistently appear as one of the top two issues among voters.

For Latinx caucusgoers, climate change is the most important issue, topping health care concerns and immigration policy.

And? Democrats are Warmists. Their political masters have told them they must be that way, much like one has to believe in abortion on demand to be a Democrat. And authoritarian government. And government being in charge of health care. And everything. And taxing the hell out of people. And that Someone Else has to bear the price for all these beliefs. Because you don’t see any of the Democrat candidates practicing what they preach. They’re all running around the country in limos and private jets. Nor do you see the majority of these voters walking the talk.

Additionally, 50 percent of Latino/Hispanic-identfiying respondents said they support the Green New Deal, a proposal on Capitol Hill aimed at combating climate change and economic inequality.

Well, let’s enforce the GND on Nevada for 10 years, and see how they like it. When Reno and Las Vegas essentially shut down, that will help their economy, right? But, it should be that anyone who supports the GND is not allowed to move from Nevada for those 10 years. They have to live the belief.

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One Response to “Say, Will Nevada Be The First Climate Primary In America?”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    We should ask Saint Greta The How Dare YOU for her take on this issue. She, after all, is the new leader of the world.

    Move over Pope. Here comes the Anti-Global Warmist.

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