Police Union Leader, DHS Head Blast NYC Over Releasing Illegal Who Then Murdered 92 Year Old

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio should be charged as a co-conspirator or something

NYPD union leader sides with ICE against de Blasio over ‘sanctuary’-tied murder: ‘He owns this’

A top New York Police Department union official on Friday called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to “own” the consequences of the city’s sanctuary policies — while insisting officers want to be allowed to work with federal immigration enforcement — after an illegal immigrant who was freed in November is alleged to have sexually assaulted and murdered a 92-year-old woman.

“The mayor can say what he wants to say — he owns this,” Sergeants Benevolent Association Vice President Vincent Vallelong told reporters. “He should step up and say these are his policies, he owns it.”

Reeaz Khan, an illegal Guyanese immigrant, is accused of attacking Fuertes as she walked home on Jan. 6. Fuertes was reportedly found at 2 a.m. in 32-degree weather and near death on a sidewalk with her clothes pulled above her waist. She was taken to a hospital, where she died from injuries that included a broken spine, according to The New York Post. The Post cited law enforcement sources who said she had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

ICE revealed this week that it had issued a detainer — a request that ICE be alerted of an illegal immigrant’s release from custody so that they can be transferred into ICE custody and go through deportation procedures — in November for Khan.

But the NYPD followed the city’s sanctuary policy — which limits cooperation with federal immigration authorities and means that most detainers are ignored — and released him without informing ICE.

“A phone call, one simple phone call and Maria Fuertes could be alive today,” a visibly furious Albence told reporters.


(Fox News)  Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tore into New York City officials on Friday for releasing from custody an illegal immigrant who allegedly then sexually assaulted and murdered a 92-year-old woman — a horrific crime that has led to fresh concern about the city’s controversial “sanctuary city” policy.

“It’s a completely preventable tragedy. Had they honored the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] detainer this would never have happened,” Wolf said on “Fox & Friends.” “So if they’d cooperated with ICE officials, the individual would never have been let out, wouldn’t have committed this crime and we wouldn’t even be talking about this.”

Khan had been arrested on assault and weapons charges (now, imagine it’s you, a U.S. citizen, on weapons charges in gun hating NYC, and think what happens with you). ICE submitted a detainer. The NYPD had to ignore it. Now a 92 woman is dead at his hands, after being beaten badly and sexually assaulted. De Blasio attempted to defend the sanctuary policy with, adding some TDS

Illegals mostly do not report crime to start with, starting with the fact that they are worried about being deported themselves, which they should be. Apparently, in Bill’s NYC, assault and weapons charges are not one of the 177 crimes if that person is convicted. It sure hasn’t kept the 92 year old safe.

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One Response to “Police Union Leader, DHS Head Blast NYC Over Releasing Illegal Who Then Murdered 92 Year Old”

  1. Kye says:

    Commies like De Blasio are destroying our country and have been for years yet they keep getting elected by the ignorant morons on the left. He is personally responsible for this poor woman’s rape and murder but tonight he’ll dine at the finest restaurant with his armed guards. This shit with leftists needs to end.

    Trump 2020 Let’s cut off cities that won’t enforce federal law.

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