Climate Anxiety Causes Warmist To No Longer Watch Her Favorite Movies Or Something

Remember, we’re supposed to take this seriously, because this Science!

Climate doom derangement syndrome. From the screed we get a list of these movies, such as

“When Harry Met Sally”: It is unfair that Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had twenty-plus years to figure out their relationship, but the United Nations gives my generation only eleven years to systematically change everything about society.

“Project X”: All the red plastic Solo cups are a trigger for me, especially now that China has stopped purchasing our garbage.

“Some Like It Hot”: I have never seen this film, but, unless “some” refers to greedy oil executives, the title does not hold up.

“Interstellar”: This is a spoiler, but I wish that a grassroots social revolution had saved humanity, not the last-minute introduction of a futuristic technology.

“Transformers”: I don’t like kids thinking that gas-burning vehicles are ever on our side.

“Finding Nemo”: Lulls us into a false sense of complacency. Just because Nemo is safe now doesn’t mean that the rest of the ocean does not need saving. What about all that coral?

“The Fate of the Furious”: Too many cars.

“Cars 3”: Too many “Cars.” Why does everything have to be a franchise?

“Sorry to Bother You”: Very glad it ended with a socialist revolution, but when I saw this in theatres it was a hundred and ten degrees outside, so for personal reasons it will always be a trigger for me.

No one explain the carbon footprint of the New Yorker, as it uses lots of energy and fossil fuels to make and distribute it’s magazine.

It is in the humor section, but, does anyone think this isn’t dead on serious for Warmists?

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One Response to “Climate Anxiety Causes Warmist To No Longer Watch Her Favorite Movies Or Something”

  1. formwiz says:

    May I suggest Fort Apache or The Magnificent Seven.

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