Unhinged Warmists Adults Are Responsible For Kids Having Eco-Anxiety

Over at the NY Post, Miranda Devine runs a piece that is right on target

Devine: Irresponsible adults have caused the climate fear plaguing Greta Thunberg

The look on Greta Thunberg’s face when Donald Trump breezed past her in a UN corridor this week was pure hatred.

She looked as if she would like to strangle the president with her bare hands, although she has never met him.

This is not a healthy emotion for a 16-year-old.

Nothing about the growing global stature of the fanatical Swedish teenage eco-catastro­phist is healthy — for her or for the millions of little girls she inspires and frightens in equal measure.

(discussion of what Greta said at the UN

She has taken literally what irresponsible adults have told her, that the planet is going to end in 11 years unless we stop using fossil fuels.

Her parents and the climate industry have exploited her youthful idealism and rigid obsessions. They have frightened her out of her mind and now are exposing her to condemnation and ridicule.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

They should be, but, they aren’t. Not in the least. Devine writes that “Her words and demeanor are those of a totalitarian dictator.” Well, that’s what the Cult of Climastrology is about. I often think that it might not be appropriate referring to them as a cult, and others referring to it as a religion, because this is based on a hardcore Authoritarian belief-set. And these adults have created the conditions through their use of a tiny increase in global temperatures to proclaim utter coming doom which is destroying the mental health of some of the kids.

Greta is on the verge of hysteria now. How will she react when her demands are not met? They won’t and can’t be met. The planet is not going to end in 2030 and we will still be using fossil fuels, which underpin human progress and have dragged 1 billion people out of poverty in the past two decades.

How do all these climate kids react when they are adults, the planet hasn’t descended into Doom, and they are living a modern lifestyle they don’t want to give up?

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