Eco-Anxiety Is Causing Chipped Teeth Or Something

Apparently, no one ever had anxiety or stress or stuff beforehand

Why your dentist is worried about the world

On a recent visit to my dentist, our conversation turned serious. “People are so tense these days,” David told me as he tested the drill as though just back from Guantanamo Bay.

Unable to speak, and feeling a little tense myself, I motioned he should continue with his pop psychology lecture, as it was better than listening to years of caffeine and nicotine being removed. Don’t judge – in China, smoking was the healthy option.

While complimenting me on my oral health, if not my life choices, he said plaque was not really a problem these days. It seems we’ve finally accepted the science on teeth brushing.

The real problem, according to David, is chipped teeth caused by anxious Wage Slaves grinding away at their work stations while pretending to “crush it” with “zero drag”.

“I used to only see one or two cases of chipped teeth a year,” he said. “Now it’s three or four every month, and often it’s younger people.”

After mentioning he was off to Berlin for a month, David concluded that “work stress” or “job anxiety” was one cause of this newest of first-world problems.

I mean, sure, you can kind of see it happening, though, surely, this can’t be anything new. Unless it has something to do with people being entirely too fragile these days because their lives are much, much better than in the past, so minor things turn into mountains. But, wait, here it comes

David’s other thought on the rising incidence of chipped teeth was patients “worried about the climate”.

That sounded absurd, but again my dentist appears to have his drill on exactly what’s stressing out well-remunerated Wage Slaves who care about their teeth – I’m an outlier in both areas.

It’s being called “eco-anxiety”, and apparently ScoMo taking a lump of coal into parliament has not lowered stress levels.

This latest anxiety even featured as a sub-plot in the second series of Big Little Lies, where some parents hire a child psychologist dressed as Little Bo Peep and discover that climate change is stressing out their daughter.

That mention of the Big Little Lies episode is important, because as soon as the was broadcast this whole eco anxiety idiocy grew in the media tremendously. You barely heard about it before. Now it’s all over the climate cult ecosphere.

A quick glance at Psychology Today (not recommended) reveals no shortage of shrinks cashing in on those “feeling on edge or weighed down by despair” due to climate change.

There’s even a new field of “eco-psychologists” who, along with dentists and those providing inter-planetary travel, who are well positioned for our new age of anxiety.

That’s because these people are nuts.

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One Response to “Eco-Anxiety Is Causing Chipped Teeth Or Something”

  1. Being constantly told your doom is imminent and there is nothing you can do about it is very stressful. Churchill knew this back in WW2. During the Blitz, he forbade the press from covering bombings of the city. He reasoned (correctly) that London was a big place and on any given night, the damage done to the whole city was small affecting few people. But if it were published day after day, every citizen would feel the weight of it and become incapacitated. The nation needed those productive parts of London to remain in the war. It was a matter of survival.

    Modern American media is exactly the opposite. They publish their democratic party activism every day, in every paper all across the country, so people in Arizona fear hurricanes as if it is on their own doorstep and everyone fears “climate change” as if it is a real thing that will kill them instead of some minor change in temperature in a hundred years. The Democratic party cannot exist without millions of people living in fear and demanding the government “fix” it for them.

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