Wisconsin Governor Is Open To Mandatory Buy-Backs Of Firearms

This would also be known as “confiscation of legal acquired property by law abiding citizens who passed a federal background check for pennies on the dollar”

Gov. Tony Evers announces red-flag bill, says he’s open to mandatory gun buybacks

Gov. Tony Evers rolled out red-flag legislation Thursday and said he would consider requiring gun owners to sell off some of their weapons.

Republicans who control the Legislature immediately rejected both ideas, much as they resisted an earlier proposal from Evers for expanded background checks. The red-flag legislation Evers touted Thursday would allow judges to take guns away from people who are deemed to be a danger.

“Each and every day officials choose cowardice over common sense,” Evers said at a Capitol news conference. “That choice has significant consequences. The consequences of inaction are too high, folks.”

Responding to a question at the news conference, Evers said he was open to a proposal by Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke that would require people to sell their military-style weapons. But Evers said he was putting his attention on expanded background checks and red-flag legislation — ideas that polling has shown are overwhelmingly popular with the public.

“I’d consider (mandatory gun buybacks), but my focus is on these two bills and on the two offices that would be able to prevent it from going to hearing and to a vote,” Evers said, referring to the Legislature’s GOP leaders.

Funny how all the gun grabbers who tell us they aren’t trying to grab guns are now saying they want to grab guns

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau have rejected Evers’ past ideas on guns.

In a joint statement Thursday, they said his red-flag legislation “poses threats to due process and the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.” Similar laws have been upheld by courts in Indiana and Connecticut.

Vos and Fitzgerald called mandatory gun buybacks unacceptable.

“With Governor Evers considering confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens, it shows just how radical Democrats have become,” they said in their statement.

Oh, they’ve been radical for quite some time, they’re now willing to admit it publicly.

(NRA) Gun confiscation is the goal. Gun confiscation has always been the goal. Thanks to a recent outburst by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Robert (Beto) Francis O’Rourke, potentially millions more Americans are now aware of this fact.


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