Comrade Bernie Finds New Way To Patronize Voters, Calls For Eliminating Medical Debt

Who’s going to pay for it?

Bernie Sanders Calls for Eliminating Americans’ Medical Debt

Bernie Sanders has long wanted to remake the health care system so no one will have to pay directly for medical care again. Now, he also wants to go back and cancel all the medical debts of people who have been billed under the current system.

In a plan set to be released Saturday, Mr. Sanders, the Vermont senator and presidential candidate, proposes wiping out an estimated $81 billion in existing debt and changing rules around debt collection and bankruptcy. He also calls for replacing the giant credit reporting agencies with a “public credit registry” that would ignore medical debt when calculating credit scores. (snip)

Medical debt affects Americans who lack health insurance, of course. But it is also increasingly affecting people who have insurance with holes, like high deductibles or limited networks of doctors whose care is paid for. Around 16 percent of adults with credit reports have at least one medical debt, according to a study published last year in the journal Health Affairs.

The plan calls for the government to negotiate and cancel the debts, though it does not specify the precise mechanism.

That’s quite a bit to unpack, eh? The plan doesn’t say exactly how the debt would be paid, because the companies who are owed the money certainly aren’t going to roll over and lose a ton of money, perhaps even go out of business over it. Nor does it specify who qualifies, so, does it mean that if you owe a couple hundred dollars Someone Else would take care of it? What about future debt? Will that be paid? Or is this a one time shot? It would surely entice people to intentionally blow off future debt, much like amnesty entices illegals to come in the future.

And then there’s the notion of what appears to be a federal government takeover of the credit rating system. What could possibly go wrong with that? And why ignore unpaid medical bills? Why not all unpaid bills if we’re going down this road?

It is interesting that it is “increasingly affecting people who have insurance with holes”, considering what Obamacare has done to the medical insurance industry, is it not? Especially since so many of the plans have high deductibles and limited networks.

While eliminating every American’s medical debt would probably not come cheap, Mr. Sanders’s plan could wind up costing far less than the total amount of debt he is seeking to cancel. Craig Antico, a founder of the charity RIP Medical Debt, which buys and forgives medical debt, estimated that the market price for $81 billion in debt could be as low as $500 million. Most past-due medical debt never gets paid, which is why bill collectors are often willing to sell the debts for pennies on the dollar.

There is that. But, again, it would incentivize people to blow off paying medical debt and then demand that government pay it, which would certainly lead to medical facilities keep private lists of deadbeats, and demanding more up-front payment.

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6 Responses to “Comrade Bernie Finds New Way To Patronize Voters, Calls For Eliminating Medical Debt”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    A North Carolina school district nixed a Friday night high school football game because of security concerns, days after cheerleaders there were placed on probation for unveiling a pro-Trump banner.

    The decision comes after cheerleaders at North Stanly, in New London, N.C., posed for a photo of holding a banner that read “Trump 2020 Make America Great Again” before an Aug. 30 game


    Liberals pressure ex-Trump official to withdraw from DC event

    Facebook has banned any ads from the Women For Trump movement because they target support from “Women” for Trump.

    Miss Nevada Banned From Entering Miss America Over Her Support For Trump Miss Nevada says she was banned from competing in the upcoming Miss America beauty contest because of her refusal to hide her support for President Trump.

    A Conservative activist and Donald Trump supporter was apparently banned from Facebook after complaining about how the social media site censored another conservative.

    The search is a mile long. My own Facebook page which no one can see but myself has almost zero political stuff on it. A picture of a cat and that’s about it. YET nonstop I receive from Facebook friend suggestions all touting their HATRED FOR TRUMP………Facebook should be fined 100 million dollars per day until they stop their egregious practices. simply because in America we do not tolerate this stuff………well we used to not….as you can see above its become the norm now.

    Good work LEFT…..the USA is fast becoming the USSR.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    According to the school board: “This policy does not prohibit students from speaking their minds or engaging in protected First Amendment activities,” district officials said in a release that came out Monday. “Because the cheerleaders were in uniform and were acting as representatives of the school, the display of the sign could be perceived as the school or school system endorsing a political campaign.”

    West Stanly won the football face off in a 42-0 blowout. The probation carries no penalty, only “don’t do it again”.

    Camden yards policy: “Camden Yards policy is that no banners can be hung anywhere in the stadium so as not to obstruct other fans’ views of the game, according to a posting on the team’s website. Additionally, the team policy reads that “banners are subject to confiscation if the content is commercial, political, and/or in bad taste according to the Orioles’ discretion.”

  3. Hoss says:

    And Robert O’Rourke is out pandering (as if he has anything else) saying we should give reparations to non-violent marijuana offenders.

    The modern democrat party is a complete shit-show of buyoffs and hopelessness.

  4. Conservative Beaner says:

    Yes Comrades there will be no debt

    No medical debt because we will have a great medical system(mainly for the rich, powerful or well connected) so all you have to do is vote for me and wait in long lines to see the doctor.

    No mortgage debt since you will live in government housing and the overseers will have their own dachas.

    No worry about car loans since you will forced to ride in public transportation.

    So school loan debt since you will attend the school that we choose for you, your dream of getting a worthless degree in women’s studies is over. Besides Comrade you will be serving society.

    Since there will be no debt there will be no investments to create new companies. No growth in the private sector means no new jobs so you will come to depend on the government.

    Paying for lawyer is over since you will be guilty under our new system of law and will be sent to an American gulag. There you will be paying off your debt to society. Gun owners will be the first to go.

    • Kye says:

      Then will follow the Christians, conservatives and small “businessmen” skilled tradesmen and professionals we call Bourgeoisie. Our March Through the Institutions is almost complete, we can now institute the gun seizures and a total shut down of Free Speech. Nothing can be permitted to halt the Glorious World of Next Tuesday. Not even an Orange Man.

      I’ll be in Tractor Barn #2 drinking beet vodka if you need me.

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