Good News: You Can Tackle Your Eco-Anxiety With A New Wardrobe!

Freaked out about anthropogenic climate change? Don’t want to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, ice maker, turn your AC up to 80, bike to work, grow your own food, stop using your hair dryer, hand wash and line dry your clothes? Well, there’s a better idea!

Style with Demelza De Burca: Sexy sustainability key for the new season

Sexy sustainability is what we’re buying into for the new season with many fashion labels giving their conscious collections a more desirable update.

It’s grim out there, environmentally speaking, and it can often feel both terrifying and overwhelming.

But tackling your eco-anxiety with your wardrobe choices is a step in the right direction.

According to the manifesto of the Fashion Revolution – a global movement which scrutinises the fashion industries practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues – everyone should buy less, buy second hand and wear your clothes longer.

It also encourages shoppers to support sustainable-minded and Fairtrade designers and brands.

If everyone is buying second hand, then where are the clothes coming from? Right, right, not supposed to ask questions, because that triggers climate cultists.

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