After Flavored E-Cigarette Ban, Gun Grabbers Want To Ban Guns

There’s some uncertainty over what the proposed ban would cover: will it be all flavored e-juice, or just pods? Pods are cartridges that contain e-liquid that you attach to the batteries. This is for things like the JUUL, which you hear a lot about. With straight e-liquid, you fill up a container yourself. Those people with the monster size devices in their hands which release tons of “smoke” use this. It’s what I use (though I use a small Kanger EVOD, easier in the pocket.) I like my coffee flavors. But, of course, this leads the gun grabbers to call for gun grabbing

American children are under attack — but not from flavored vapes

There have been 22 shootings at U.S. schools in 2019 alone. Active-shooter drills are a back-to-school activity. America’s children are under attack.

And President Trump has moved to protect them by banning … flavored vape pods?

Apparently, it’s a mint-flavored Juul that stands as the biggest threat to children today. (snip)

It’s something of a shock, then, to remember that this administration and the Republicans that back it can’t even bring themselves to cast a sideways glance at a gun, even though firearms cause an average of 1,500 children’s deaths each year. According to the University of Michigan, middle- and high-school-age children are now more likely to die as the result of a firearm injury than from any other single cause of death. Every day an average of 100 Americans are killed by guns. What about the youths affected by that?

Sure seems like that is a call to ban firearms, does it not? Even though the same Washington Post says you should be worried if your teen smells like berries, cotton candy, or mint. But, then

As news of the Trump administration’s plan to ban most flavored e-cigarettes rippled across social media, another topic quickly hijacked the conversation: gun control. Pointing out that the thousands of gun deaths in the United States vastly outnumber the six fatalities attributed to vaping, some activists and legislators bemoaned the lack of meaningful action on guns. They renewed demands for gun-control measures such as bans on assault rifles.

“Now do AR-15s,” tweeted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who was among several prominent voices, including Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, the March for Our Lives movement, comedian Dave Weasel and actress Bette Midler, in drawing the comparison with guns.

The Post then offers more unhinged tweets

Calls for legislation addressing gun violence have ramped up in recent months. On Thursday, one day after Trump’s e-cigarette announcement, the CEOs of 145 U.S. companies urged Senate leaders to expand background checks for gun purchases and strengthen red-flag laws. The executives, who lead companies such as Yelp, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Levi Strauss, wrote that they had a responsibility to “stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans in the communities we serve across the country.”

First, these CEO’s surely have their own personal armed security. Second, when you start seeing links to guns in a discussion of banning flavored e-cigarettes, you know the Gunnites are looking for more than just “expanded background checks and red flag laws.

And then you gave the Democrats who specifically tell us what they are going to do. It won’t be just bans of new sales, but forced confiscation of existing firearms.

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One Response to “After Flavored E-Cigarette Ban, Gun Grabbers Want To Ban Guns”

  1. dachs_dude says:

    That’s because no one ever resisted tyranny with an e-cigarette.

    The government has big plans for you and your freedom and lifestyle and wealth.
    Things that would be met with armed resistance.

    Hence, the need to take away the guns first.

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