Extinction Rebellion Nutters Want A People’s Congress Or Something

They obviously failed to note that there are elections….oh, right, they want to pack the People’s Congress with unelected Warmists. Perhaps ER nutter Linda Doyle has been taking advice from other ER nutter Gail Bradbrook on ingesting hallucinogenics

It’s Time The Public Had A Say On How We Fight Our Climate Crisis

This weekend’s Big Tent Ideas Festival prides itself on being able to foster debate on the most important issues in a non-partisan setting. With Parliament being prorogued this week, I’m sure there will be plenty of debate about the state of UK democracy and the most effective ways to give the public a say on the crucial issues we face today.

As an event that challenges established politics and offers new ways of doing things, it is the perfect place to highlight our third manifesto demand: that government “must create and be led by the decisions of a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice”.

In short, what we want to see is something called a citizens’ assembly which will give a representative sample of the UK population the opportunity to debate and decide how we tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Um, don’t we already do this? People run for office, right?

So how would it work? Members of citizens’ assemblies are selected randomly, and in a way that the members are representative of the population on key demographic characteristics such as age, gender, region and education level. Members learn from experts such as scientists, but also those with lived experience, such as farmers who have lost crops to extreme weather, or those on the frontline such as the Fairbourne community who will become the UK’s first internal climate migrants. Members then discuss the pros and cons of policies, make value-based trade-offs and recommendations to government. In some countries, such as Poland, recommendations with over 80% support are automatically accepted.

Randomly but by implementing SJW identity politics. OK. What happens when a whole bunch of Skeptics are chosen? Or people who do not want to pass Cult of Climastrology policies?

Party politics are tribal, it’s about ‘us’ versus ‘them’. Shouting at each other across the aisle isn’t acceptable in a classroom, so why is it acceptable in the UK’s primary decision-making body? Does closing parliament and shutting down discussion sound like a healthy democracy?

So, they won’t allow people with different viewpoints on said People’s Congress? As Eric Worrall notes, they tried this in Venezuela, and that did not work well, plus

If you accept this charge, the creation of a new and powerful unelected citizens climate assembly makes perfect sense. The new assembly, whose claim to legitimacy would be drawn from the perceived urgent need to address the climate “crisis”, which would have the power to dictate policy to elected politicians, would provide ample cover for politicians who want an excuse for not fulfilling voters’ wishes; politicians could use rulings from the new citizens climate assembly as a drop in replacement for the political cover they used to receive from being subject to EU directives.

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  1. Jl says:

    “Farmers who have lost crops to extreme weather…”. Why yes, that was always a rare occurrence before…

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