Trump: “Certain People In The Media Would Love To See A Recession”

Have you noticed that Russia Russia Russia, collusion, the Mueller report, and impeachment have all but disappeared as of late? Instead, we’re getting treated to a constant litany of “a coming recession.” Why? Because the media is hoping for a recession to defeat President Trump, and hoping that their constant yammering can make it happen

(Breitbart) President Donald Trump criticized many figures in the establishment media on Tuesday for rushing to report a looming recession, despite an overall good economy throughout his presidency.

“I think the word ‘recession’ is inappropriate because it’s just a word that certain people, I’m going to be kind, certain people in the media are trying to build up because they’d love to see a recession,” Trump said. “We’re very far from a recession.”

The president commented to reporters at the White House that it was up to the Federal Reserve to keep growth going, pointing to their psychological impact on the economy.

“If the Fed would do its job, I think we would have a tremendous spur of growth,” he said.

There’s a huge difference between an economic slowdown and a recession. Places like the NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, etc, are all running fear stories, finding those economists who are Warning of a recession, and, when they are being honest, they say that it’s not the U.S. economy in trouble, but those in other nations. Also, that it’s simply a slowdown.

But, I disagree with Trump slightly: it’s not just the media, it’s Democratic Party politicians, their interest groups, hardcore leftist Internet outlets, and, sadly, right leaning #NeverTrumpers. That last group is the worst, because they’ve abandoned all their right-leaning positions to pray for a recession to get rid of Trump, never stopping to consider that it would mean a hardcore Modern Socialist winning the presidency.

They call themselves “libertarians” now, but, have been so infused with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they push Leftist positions and ideas. Nothing he does is ever good enough for them, no matter how conservative it is. They’re pushing ‘climate change’, defending Planned Parenthood, calling for banning guns and restricting the 2nd Amendment, dissing Israel. For instance, SE Cupp and Doug Mataconis. Both used to be reliable conservatives, but, if you read their Twitter feeds, watch SE’s show (no thanks) and read what used to be a conservative blog in Outside The Beltway, it’s almost all about Orange Man Bad, everything he supports Bad, and nary a bad word for Democrats.

As the saying goes, with friends like this who needs enemies? They, like the Democrats, really, really want a recession. None of them care if their loose talk hurts Americans. That’s how deranged they are.

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5 Responses to “Trump: “Certain People In The Media Would Love To See A Recession””

  1. Kye says:

    When I read the other day that the idiot Bill Maher stated he was hoping for a recession “to defeat Trump” I immediately thought of Elwood. There is nothing too low or too bad for Americans that if it got rid of Orange Man they wouldn’t endorse. As the left has been saying for three years “By any means necessary”, and they mean it. They don’t care who they hurt even their own people and even the poorest and weakest Americans as long as their desire for power is fulfilled. It’s always been the nature of the left from Lenin to Maduro. The infliction of harm even in the extreme is a feature of leftism, not a bug. Because “They know best” and they’ll show us even if it kills us.

    Again the hate America firsters slipped seamlessly from “Russia” to “Raaaaacist” to “Recession” without missing a beat. And as usual their pussy brained lap dogs followed in lock step which is precisely how they’re marching through the American citizenry.

    Trump 2020 Because “By any means necessary” isn’t a policy, it’s a threat!

  2. John says:

    Teach really believes that he can read the minds of Democrats
    Teach the sad fact is Trump is displaying signs of poor emotional hygiene
    He just cancelled a state trip to Denmark because Denmark will not sell rapidly melting Greenland
    He is obviously acting like a man child
    His tariffs on Chinese goods may cost the average family $1000 How will his tariffs on phones effect your retail?
    US Steel is set to lay off thousands
    Coal mining jobs fell 1000 (seasonally adjusted) in the last 4 months
    But you are still saying” blame Obama and the Democrats
    Capitalism and Wall Street are only beholden to profits, not political parties

  3. formwiz says:

    Emotional hygiene? What, in God’s name, is that supposed to be?

    And Trump’s just going by what the Hollyweird crowd is saying.

    Denmark wants to haggle probably.

    May cost? Come back when you have something definite.

    But at least the coal mining jobs are there. No thanks to the Demos and the rest of the environuts. And, yes, you can blame Zippy and the rest of the Lefties who wanted to impoverish the country.

    Too much drinking in the John.

    • Most likely, the government of Denmark thinks it’s a great idea, but don’t want Trump to get credit for it. So they will bluster about sovereignty and being insulted by Trump, then open talks with the next President. Hint: How do you think the USA got the Virgin islands?

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