Your Fault: UK Guardian Finally Gets In The Business Of Blaming California Cliffside Collapse

If you’ll think back just back to the 3rd, a cliff collapsed in California near the sea, killing three and hurting several others. The climate cultists came out in droves to blame this on ‘climate change.’ Now, of course, some will say this was just the fevered rantings of some outlying kooks. But, what of when a major news outlets jumps in the water?

Deadly cliffside collapse underscores California’s climate-fueled crisis

Three women were killed last week while sunning on a beach in Encinitas, California, when the bluff above them gave way.

The sudden tragedy that befell Anne Clave; her mother, Julie Davis; and her aunt Elizabeth Cox, who had gathered at the resplendent coastline in the seaside community north of San Diego to celebrate Cox surviving cancer, made headlines around the world. But cliff erosion continues to imperil people and property around the state. California is falling into the sea piece by piece, and coastal conditions will only grow more dire with worsening climate crisis.

Nearly three-quarters of California’s coastlines are actively eroding, putting lives, homes, roadways, railways, utilities and other infrastructure in danger. The cliffs have been crumbling since before the Arctic began melting, but natural geological collapse stands to worsen in the coming years. (snip)

Although researchers can’t point to a single cause of any particular cliff failure now, they expect to see more as the climate continues to collapse. “What we can say unequivocally is as sea level rises, these kinds of events will become more common,” said USGS research geologist Patrick Barnard.

Got that? This is all natural, has been going on for 20,000 years (surely longer, because tectonic activity in California has been going on much longer), and they cannot say with science that ‘climate change’ is a cause, but they will still blame you for driving a fossil fueled vehicle.

Scientists say sea level rise will accelerate cliff retreat, doubling average erosion rates in southern California by 2100, including some of the state’s most heavily populated, tony coastal communities. That’s because sea level rise and more extreme storms mean bigger, higher waves washing away beaches and lapping at the bottoms of the cliffs. California stands to lose two-thirds of its beaches by the turn of the next century, in a wave of coastal economic destruction worse than the state’s most devastating fires to date.

I’m not going to post the graphics of actual data yet again of sea rise in California, but, I will note that San Diego shows a whopping relative sea level trend of 2.19 millimeters/year, equivalent to a change of 0.72 feet in 100 years. The next gauge up the coast is La Jolla, which is 2.17 millimeters/year. Encinitas is between the two. That level of sea rise is exactly average, and well below what would be expected during a Holocene warm period.

California will not be losing 2/3rds of its beaches in the next 81 years. Pure fear-mongering by cultists.

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2 Responses to “Your Fault: UK Guardian Finally Gets In The Business Of Blaming California Cliffside Collapse”

  1. Kye says:

    They should have predicted a loss of 4/5 of the beaches in five years. What the hell, as long as they’re just throw’n out numbers.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    Not to worry the dem candidate said we needed to start evacuating our shores and get to high ground now or else we are all going to drown. So whats a little mud slide among friends.

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