Eco-Apartheid: The Climate Crisis (scam) Is Intersecting With Housing And We’re Doomed

Here’s one more thing that the Cult of Climastrology is attempting to hijack

Eco-Apartheid Is Real
The climate crisis is converging with a housing crisis. We need to tackle both with a Green New Deal for Housing.

The heat is on. A heat wave is breaking records across much of Western Europe. And this weekend sweltering heat baked half the United States. For some media outlets and climate advocates, the heat waves were a chance to remind people: This isn’t normal. This is what the climate emergency feels like, and this is how it kills. We also saw some media outlets publish recent maps that show which parts of cities are heat islands. Of course, those converge with low-income and racialized neighborhoods, while greenery that cools the air is found disproportionately in white and affluent areas.

To top it off, we learned on Monday that New York utility Con Ed intentionally cut off power to the majority-black Canarsie neighborhood to avoid risking broader blackouts. Amazingly, the utility wasn’t prepared for a major heat wave and sacrificed low-income black customers to ride out the crisis. Eco-apartheid, which I define as a regime of greening affluence for the few at the expense of the many, is the path of business as usual.

And yet there was something frustratingly superficial about all this coverage, even when it focused on inequality.

In the era of the Green New Deal, journalists and activists still struggle to convey just how profoundly the climate emergency, our political economy, and social inequalities are connected. As a result, they’re still missing how much egalitarian green investment—like a Green New Deal for Housing—could address social, economic, and environmental crises at the same time. And while this policy idea is specific to the US context, an intersectional analysis here could enrich global debates about what effective and equitable green investment could look like around the world.

Strange that what is supposedly a science issue always seems to dovetail in perfectly with every other Modern Socialist complaint, eh? See, if we could just pass a Green New Deal, and one for housing, we could fix all these problems with taxes, fees, and controlling citizen’s lives, limiting freedom and choice.

Also strange is that so many of these problems appear to happen in cities run by Democrats.

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2 Responses to “Eco-Apartheid: The Climate Crisis (scam) Is Intersecting With Housing And We’re Doomed”

  1. Hoss says:

    It’s funny, because if the left had their way we’d all we shoved into urban heat islands. Few things around that they hate more than the suburbs where all those rich, white folks are hogging up all that green space; and they’re not on board with us pursuing energy sources outside of their beloved solar and wind. This really is a problem of their own making.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    Let me know when the prices of beach-front property in Florida start to plummet. You know, from the heat and rising sea levels.

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