Psychologists Are Very Concerned About News Of Bad Weather Causing “Eco-Anxiety”

While not a new thing, the amount of articles about people having mental issues over a tiny increase in the Earth’s average temperature has grown quite a bit as of late, especially as it relates to children, so, some sort of talking points memo must have gone out, because here comes another

The Barrage of Bad News About Climate Change Is Triggering ‘Eco-Anxiety,’ Psychologists Say

When news about the environment becomes grim, you might be overcome by an urge to hide or collapse.

On last week’s episode of HBO drama “Big Little Lies,” 9-year-old Amabella did both. The character’s metallic boots were found sticking out of a classroom closet following a lesson on climate change, and the internet collectively nodded in recognition.

It seems that the big talking point is that episode of a fictional TV show has been causing this, because most of the recent articles mention it.

It turns out that anxiety, grief and despair about the state of the environment is nothing new. It even has a name: eco-anxiety. And according to psychologists, it’s incredibly common.

According to a Yale survey conducted in December 2018, 70% of Americans are “worried” about climate change, 29% are “very worried” and 51% feel “helpless.” Despite these striking statistics, most people don’t realize how widespread eco-anxiety is, one psychologist told Live Science.

“[Ecoanxiety] is often hidden somewhat under the surface,” Thomas Doherty, a clinical psychologist based in Portland, Oregon, told Live Science, “people aren’t taught how to talk about it.” (snip)

“It’s a rational reply to a really serious problem,” Maria Ojala, a psychologist at Örebro University in Sweden, told Live Science. That, she says, is why it could be dangerous to make it a clinical diagnosis.

“We have to ask, Is it more pathological for someone to be so worried about climate change or is it actually more pathological that people are not more worried about it?” Austern said. Anxiety is precisely the emotion that’ll propel us to do something, he added. Conveniently, taking action Is also one of the most effective coping mechanisms for eco-anxiety, Ojala said.

Got that? It might be more pathological to not be worried about a minor 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850, something that is minor during the Holocene.

But, hey, anyhow, perhaps the news media is complicit in making Warmists major league nut jobs.

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10 Responses to “Psychologists Are Very Concerned About News Of Bad Weather Causing “Eco-Anxiety””

  1. alanstorm says:

    “The Barrage of Bad News About Climate Change Is Triggering ‘Eco-Anxiety,’ Psychologists Say”

    Well, then, stop lying about it and the anxiety goes away.

    • Professor Hale says:

      The thing about the Left is, they keep up a constant barrage of crisis on every possible topic that needs immediate attention. Ozone holes, Cooling, warming, Super-storms, Asteroids, China-syndrome, Plastic islands in the oceans, hundreds of species becoming extinct every day, Ebola, Bird Flu, Autism, starving kids in Africa, etc. Once an activist group forms, their paychecks depend on convincing people to believe them and they never declare victory and go away.

      • Professor Hale says:

        I forgot to mention, Racism, Counter White Supremacy, LGBTQ “rights”, and more.

  2. Jl says:

    What bad news that’s been verified?

  3. Professor Hale says:

    It is worth noting that in WW2, Churchill forbade the press from reporting the bombing results on London. he reasoned that London was a big place and the bombing was random mostly so large parts of the city would never know they were being bombed. But if the press reported it every day, then the people would become demoralized. The nation needed them to continue working and being productive. Being paralyzed by anxiety was seen as counter-productive and preventable.

    But today, it seems the Left goes out of its way to cause emotional distress to motivate people to buy into their activism. Activist paychecks are at risk.

  4. people do realize that most psychologists took psychology because they felt they needed help. won’t eco-anxiety create more business for psychologists?

  5. Jean Carbone says:

    Clearly, we have too many psychologists looking for something to do.

  6. Kye says:

    What we have Jean, are far too many radical left wing DemComs embracing the most murderous ideas of the last century and calling it “progressive”. Their idea of government for America is an association of the finest “experts” from Law, academia, business, Hollywood, the Media, technology and of course politics to form a ruling autocracy/kleptocracy over the working people. Of course it always for the benefit of said working people and of course “the children”. The end result is always the same: they get the wealth and power and we get to thank you massah. That’s why the weaponization of the law against political opponents is so urgent as is the confiscation of our firearms and the censorship of our free speech under the guise of protected businesses. That’s why…

    Trump 2020 is so urgent! If these leftists take over and history is any indication first we’ll lose our rights through “legal” maneuvering, then our freedom to the gulags and finally our lives to the purifying concept of genocide.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      With Cons, it’s always projection. Always.

      Cons say they fear subjugation as they strive to be the subjugators.

      Cons say they fear having their First Amendment speech rights abridged as they strive to shut down the free press.

      Cons say they fear oppression as they oppress others.

      The NuCon movement is the combination of standard modern conservative support for the wealthy and corporations while adding old conservative overt hatred of non-whites. Corporatism + Xenophobia.

      tRump has assembled the most anti-working-class coalition in decades.

      • formwiz says:

        No, it’s the Lefties who project.

        In fact, your little screed is a textbook case. And when, exactly, when asking to be fairly in the press, did we strive to shut it down?

        The NuCon movement is the combination of standard modern conservative support for the wealthy and corporations while adding old conservative overt hatred of non-whites.

        Right. /sarc

        Then how is all of Wall Street’s money going to the Democrats? Zippy and the Beast were 2 of the top highest recipients. And since Conservatives hate non-whites, why is it a sixth of the black vote in FL and TX went to Rs in the last election and a third of Hispanics.

        Why are movements like Blexit and WalkAway doing so well?

        tRump has assembled the most anti-working-class coalition in decades

        Now Jeffery is worried about the working class. During Sambo’s reign, he couldn’t have cared less.

        Actually, Trump has assembled the most pro working people coalition in decades.

        But keep using that old New Deal rhetoric. It’s so now when most of the people at Trump rallies are working stiffs.

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