Typical Barbecue Is Just As Bad As A 90 Mile Fossil Fueled Trip Or Something

In other words, there’s zero problem, but, hey, Warmist nags have to be Warmist nags

Typical barbecue is as bad for the planet as a 90 mile car journey, scientists warn

A typical barbecue releases as much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as a 90-mile car journey, scientists have found.

The study found that red meat such as burgers were the worst culprit – causing nearly five times as much damage as one portion of chicken.

Adding cream to strawberries doubled the amount of greenhouse gas released, scientists said.

Manchester University experts calculated the impact of a typical barbecue meal based around beefburgers, before comparing it with a chicken-based meal, or a vegan option.

Their analysis found the burger meal, topped with cheese, would create more than 800 balloons worth of greenhouse gas emissions for a family of four – equivalent to a 90 mile drive in a typical car.

If the same family swapped the burgers for chicken, the emissions dropped dramatically – to the equivalent of 51 miles.

And those opting for vegetarian sausages, and cutting out extras like cheese and butter, saw their carbon footprint fall still lower, down to 33 miles per family.

Can these people be any more annoying? They can just mind their own business. Try yammering about this in the South and they’re lucky if the only phrase they hear is “bless your heart.” Keep going, and the next discussion involves what highways travel where. See, it’s funny that these same people want the Government out of our bedrooms (code for unfettered abortion) yet want the Government in every other aspect of our lives.

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7 Responses to “Typical Barbecue Is Just As Bad As A 90 Mile Fossil Fueled Trip Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    “Can these people be any more annoying?”

    NOW you’ve done it…

    They’re just gonna say “Here, hold my free-range, organically-sourced carbon-neutral chardonnay…”

  2. formwiz says:

    Not so much annoying as insane.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    I’m selling reverse carbon credits. For a small donation, I will burn a tire in my front yard for you, while BBQ’ing ribs and running my AC set to 65 degrees.

  4. Kye says:

    Now Elwood can be grillin’ tofu and greens for his Independence Day celebration and keep down his carbon toe print. Along with the usual Trump effigy and American flag burning the Elwood family may want to add a burning cross to symbolize their continued support of the Democrat Communist Party. His Mohammedan friends can come over and regale the Elwood’s with stories of where they were when the Towers came down while eating Sabra hummus with the fingers they don’t wipe their azz with. Then his beloved illegal aliens can grill quesadillas and fajitas while their kids pee and crap in the garden then go drink toilet water in honor of Chiquita Khrushchev their red-lipped de facto Commissar.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of the nation that gave Elwood everything he has by providing the Freedom, opportunity and ownership to do so. All brought to him by Caucasian, Christian Men. Wow!

  5. Sanders (not Bernie) says:

    Let’s see – barbecued burgers and steaks last Saturday using my father-in-law’s 5 burner propane grill. Then barbecued steaks at home on Sunday using charcoal.

    I will smoke chicken wings on Thursday, and maybe some burgers, too.

  6. Paul says:

    Wow, if their “typical BBQ” consisting of hamburgers is that bad, imagine how HORRIBLE the 18 lb brisket and 6 racks of baby-backs I just bought yesterday are going to be. I’ve got a half cord of post oak and hickory just waiting outside, and I’ll be starting my pit tomorrow to have that brisket ready for Thursday consumption.

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