Who’s Up For Eight Steps You Can Take To Thwart ‘Climate Change’?

It’s a brand new year, so, Elaina Hancock at the U of Connecticut offers some helpful advice…I wonder how much electricity is used by UConn to operate?

Want to Thwart Climate Change? Here are 8 Steps You Can Take

Now that the New Year’s Eve party is over, it’s time to lay off the balloons and glitter – both are scourges to the environment.

UConn faculty members make the case for those and other personal lifestyle changes that can help protect the environment for future generations.

Skip the balloons, and glitter, and coffee cups, and plastic bags …

Plastics in the environment are bad news. Besides leading to immense gyres of plastics in the ocean, plastics in the environment break down into microplastics, says Michael Willig, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of UConn’s Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering. “Broken down by UV radiation abrasion during transport,” he says, “these plastics are transformed into microplastics that range in size from the barely visible (a few millimeters) to the invisible (within the range of nanoparticles).”

Microplastics obstruct digestive tracts of animals. And, Willig, says animals can also absorb and concentrate other chemical contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides, potentially magnifying exposure to these contaminants to species further up the food chain, potentially with significant effects on humans and top predators.

Actually, those aren’t that bad, but, they are about protecting the environment, and have nothing to do with Hotcoldwetdry. Let’s look at the others

Reduce Seasonal Sodium

Actually, not a bad idea, as this is referring to the use of salt brine and similar stuff, which is seriously overused to protect the roads for drivers during winter weather events, and has actually been shown to create salt water marshes in areas nowhere near oceans. They are often sprayed early to make people believe the government is Doing Something, and they often wash away before being helpful.

  • Turn Down the Heat (they never tell us what we’re supposed to turn it down too. I keep mine at 68 in the winter. Should I turn it to 65? To what?)
  • Get Lazy with Lawn Care (you can bet the neighborhood association and/or city government will have an issue with this)
  • Plant Natives – They Make Good Neighbors (nothing to do with AGW)
  • Protect Green Space (necessary in big liberal cities which have paved over most of it)
  • Express Yourself (this is about spreading awareness as opposed to changing your own life)
  • Don’t Wait to Start! (the phrase “Lead by example, it’s contagious” is included. Yet, almost none do)

Mostly, these have nothing to do with ‘climate change’, and aren’t really Doing Something. Just give up your use of fossil fuels, Warmists, and live like it’s 1499.

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