Trump Tweets Who’s Responsible For Migrant Deaths, Liberal Media Loses Mind

The thing about Donald Trump is that he does not do Political Speak. He lays it out there. You know what he is saying. His tweets, and speeches, are not poll tested in front of test group.

And now the same who had zero outrage when Democrats were saying everyone was going to die from the end of Net Neutrality, the recent tax cuts, granny was going to be thrown from the cliff, etc and so on, is Outrage, utterly showing their partisanship. Here’s Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post

Trump’s tweets on children dying in U.S. custody are a new low


It is not news that the president is indifferent to human suffering. His limp response to the devastation of the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico — which he claimed to have been a “fantastic job” on the part of his administration — stands out in that regard. But on Saturday, we saw yet another level of depravity when Trump made his first comments regarding the deaths in recent days of two migrant Guatemalan children after they were apprehended by federal authorities. It revealed not only callousness but also opportunism, as he sought to turn this tragedy into a partisan advantage in his current standoff with Democrats over the government shutdown.

His statements came, not unexpectedly, over Twitter. First this: (she shows the two above tweets)

Not a word of sympathy here — much less remorse on the part of the government over the deaths of a 7-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy while in its custody. Nor does Trump address questions that are being raised about whether the administration’s new policy seeking to limit the ability of immigrants to seek asylum protection might be a factor in putting more at risk. Under recent changes, migrants must remain in Mexico as their asylum cases are processed, possibly increasing their willingness to do something reckless to come across the border.

I wonder if Karen will write an opinion piece on how the majority of elected California Democrats did not mention the murder of a California police officer at the hands of an illegal alien gang member with a history of arrests by California law enforcement, let go because of the state’s sanctuary policies? Is there any sympathy for the infant son of Corporal Singh, who will now never know his father?

Twitchy is highlighting many of the Liberal Media’s Outraged tweets in response, things we never saw when Democrats were saying we’re all doomed and going to die from GOP policies.

Anyhow, Trump is mostly correct. You can’t blame it all on Democrats, because people would come to the U.S. illegally no matter what for various reasons. There would be a hell of a lot fewer illegals if Democrat political stances didn’t invite them to come illegally, promising all sorts of things, as well as attempt to shield them all when they are here, including serious criminals. This includes murderers, arsonists, child rapists, and so forth. Democrats always have some excuse to protect illegal aliens, often to the disadvantage of American citizens.

We’ve seen the way Democrats have acted on illegal aliens, particularly this century, so, yes, they bear a huge amount of the blame. Most illegals wouldn’t come/overstay their visas if they knew they would be stopped/immediately deported. Seriously, look at Karen’s last paragraph above (as well as her later paragraphs at the link): she is against policy changes that will make it harder for illegals to come to the U.S.

In the meantime, we have a president who is willing to politicize the deaths of two young children to score points against the opposition party. And the most shocking thing about seeing him scrape along a new moral bottom is this: It is no longer shocking at all.

Perhaps Karen could discuss how tons of elected Democrats, and tons of liberal journalists, have politicized the deaths of the two migrants to assail Trump and Republicans.

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One Response to “Trump Tweets Who’s Responsible For Migrant Deaths, Liberal Media Loses Mind”

  1. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    AS I posted somewhere else on this blog the left finds themselves being forced farther to the left and their once deep concern about the working class has been usurped by TRUMP and the GOP and as a result they now only care about SJW and allowing illegals to continue to flow into the nation because it is the only way to replace what they know is the accelerating suburban and working class voters.

    The sooner the independents who are really mostly left leaning realize voting for democrats is hurting the democratic party the sooner the left will swing back from the edge toward the middle and not be so radically insane.

    The Left believes they have a winning strategy with SJW because they won back the house in the midterms even though they lost 3 more senate seats. The reality is independents care more about SJW than does the more libertarian GOP. A result is we have a socialist left and a libertarian right now and in the middle is the SJW moderates who call themselves independents.

    The left has embarked upon a clear strategy. SJW and Socialism of the United States. Standing in their way is not the GOP but rather a block of about 30 percent of the electorate called independents who lean toward SJW but also lean toward Jobs and the economy. The thing that killed the GOP in 2018 was not fixing Obamacare. The independents punished them hard for this because the independents dont care about politics. They care about solutions.

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