More Than Four Million Schoolkids Subjected To Lockdowns Because They’re Gun Free Zones

This is all about the anti-gun narrative

More than 4 million students participated in lockdowns over 2017-18 school year: report

More than 4 million school students in the United States participated in lockdowns during the 2017-2018 school year, according to a new Washington Post analysis on school safety.

According to the analysis, 4.1 million students had to participate in at least one school lockdown during the school year, and on average 16 campuses per day across the U.S. were placed on lockdown. There was not a single day between Labor Day of 2017 and Memorial Day 2018 without a lockdown, according to The Post.

Of those lockdowns, 15 percent were reportedly due to bomb threats, while 61 percent were related to firearms.

Many times there was no actual gun, just someone freaking out about what they thought was a gun. And since schools are gun free zones everyone is worried that some nutjob will come in and shoot the place up. Because there is no one to stop them.

Reading the actual Washington Post article, you come away with an impression that many of the lockdowns are caused  by rumors, fearmongering on social media, and perceived danger, not actual real danger. Also, a lot of these occur in Democrat run areas with heavy crime, where gun fire and what they think is gun fire occurs in the neighborhood around the school.

The Post notes that the number of students who participated in lockdowns is larger than the combined populations of Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware and Vermont. As the first study of its kind, there is currently no comparable data on lockdown frequency from past school years.

Wait, if the populations of those states are that small then we should be taking away one senator from each, according to Democrat talking points, right?

The study comes at the end of a year dominated by debate over gun control laws and school safety, after February’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla., refocused the nation’s attention to the issue.

Perhaps we can discuss why the law enforcement in Parkland failed to go in to stop the nutter. And why so many levels of government failed in noting that the Parkland shooter was a raving nutjob beforehand, and that all the signs were there.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is expected to return as Speaker in the next Congress, has promised that gun control will be a priority under the newly elected Democratic majority. Democratic lawmakers have floated legislation ranging from universal background checks to an assault weapons ban in the wake of recent shootings.

They’ll just highlight that they want to disarm law abiding citizens. Over to a quote from the WP article

While most kids won’t suffer long-term consequences, experts who specialize in childhood trauma suspect that a meaningful percentage will.

“This is a clear and pressing public health issue,” said Steven Schlozman, a child psychiatrist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, after learning of The Post’s findings, which he called “staggering.”

And this is how they’ll attack the rights of law abiding citizens: for the children. And the article leans heavily on this. The gun grabbers will do anything to take away Other People’s guns. Just not those of the actual criminals.

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