The “New Green” Youth Movement Is Pretty Much Idiots Calling For Government To Control Their Lives

Nor will they give up anything in their own lives that would reduce their own “carbon footprint”. From the Axios article

A youth movement that was founded less than two years ago and that stages most of its protests by singing has been lobbying on Capitol Hill for the “Green New Deal” — and has become “the dominant influence on the environmental policy” of the young, progressive Democrats, The New Yorker’s Emily Witt writes.

Why it matters: The Green New Deal is an economic and climate plan supported by incoming Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and about 40 lawmakers. The youth movement, which goes by the name “Sunrise,” is one of the reasons the plan is getting so much attention.

Here’s where it gets fun


  • Their inspiration comes from Occupy Wall Street, the Movement for Black Lives, United We Dream, and Cosecha.
  • “They studied the wins and the losses of the climate movement in its forty-year history,” Witt writes, and they “tend not to talk about starving polar bears, melting ice caps, or ocean acidification. Instead, they talk of family members who have lost their homes to floods or fires, young relatives who have asthma, or beloved landscapes that have been degraded or destroyed in the spans of their short lifetimes.”
  • They focus on racial and economic justice in their message, since poor communities of color are disproportionately affected by climate change.
  • The activists are working to get out the youth vote and getting politicians to back away from accepting donations from fossil-fuel billionaires.

So, let’s see: they get their inspiration from OWS, which featured filthy people do hard drugs, pooping on police cars and people’s doorsteps, stabbings, and the need for “rape free zone” tents to keep from being raped by other Occupiers. Plus, all the attempted bombings and such. BLM? Riots, arson, theft.

Wins and losses? People have always lost homes and gotten asthma. It’s called weather.

The big one is the third one, which highlights that this has zero to do with science and everything to do with far left politics. And then “Go deeper: Democrats’ left turn on climate change

The details: Ahead of any actual legislating, the Green New Deal is mostly a catchy slogan, largely unknown by the public, which represents broad progressive policies. What details are available are outlined on Ocasio-Cortez’s election website:

  • An eventual goal of 100% of electricity coming from renewable energy, a controversial proposition. Right now, such sources make up just 17% of the nation’s power mix, with nearly half of that coming from hydropower.
  • A guarantee of federal jobs for those working in the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources.
  • Federal programs guaranteeing basic income and universal health care. While health care has little to do with energy and climate, the outline says it would help “promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism.”
  • There’s no price tag on the plan yet, but the outline says it would be paid for by a combination of the Federal Reserve and a collection of even more unprecedented funding sources, including a new public bank. A tax on carbon emissions could be one way to raise revenue, says Ocasio-Cortez spokesman Corbin Trent.

Funny how this is all about more and more government control while taking even more money, while initiating a host of left wing policies.

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2 Responses to “The “New Green” Youth Movement Is Pretty Much Idiots Calling For Government To Control Their Lives”

  1. JGlanton says:

    They don’t care about science or the environment. They’re just more tools in the box of socialist revolution, dividing societies by class, race, gender, power, and anything else that will divide and sow discontent and eventual economic collapse. They’re simply following the standard recipe for socialist revolution that has been used the world over since the concept began. See Mao’s little red book, for example.

  2. Dana says:

    If the left believe that it is OK for them to control how people live their lives because they are worried about climate change affecting them, then don’t other people have the right to control them, due to their actions which we believe affect us? If the warmunists believe that they should be able to stop us from driving fossil fueled vehicles, because it might hurt them sometime in the future, then why don’t I have the right to prohibit unmarried people from copulating, because such choices can create illegitimate children sucking up our tax dollars?

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