U.K. Needs To Radically Transform Society And Economy To Fight ‘Climate Change’

Funny how it always seems to come down to things like this. And carbon taxes

Labour would ‘radically transform economy’ to focus on climate change

A future Labour government would oversee an economic revolution to tackle the climate crisis, using the full power of the state to decarbonise the economy and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs in struggling towns and cities.

Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary who is driving the party’s climate agenda, said the UK’s “entire society and entire economy” needed to be refocused to meet the looming challenge of ecological breakdown.

“It could not be made clearer to us and people are starting to realise how incredibly dangerous this situation is,” said Long-Bailey, a close ally of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow chancellor John McDonnell. “There is no option but to radically transform our economy.”

And how to accomplish this? Major government control. Surprise?

But in an interview with the Guardian she said the crisis was also an opportunity to bring well-paid, highly skilled jobs and economic regeneration to some of the most marginalised communities in the country.

Funny that this rarely materializes except via government funding, and those jobs disappear the moment government stops dumping massive amounts of taxpayer money into the “businesses.”

“If you knocked on a door in Salford, where I am from, although most people care about climate change it is not going to be top of their list of priorities. Most people just want to know how their life is going to be improved.

“So it is important for us to position ourselves as a party that is going to tackle climate change but turn that into an economic opportunity for the vast areas of this country that have seen decades of underinvestment and provide jobs for the future and provide that revitalisation that communities want to see.”

In other words, lie through their teeth.

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One Response to “U.K. Needs To Radically Transform Society And Economy To Fight ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Kye says:

    So in the UK they’ll rob Basil to pay Simon, skim some of the grift off the top for the bureaucracy, and try to convince the dirt people they are trying to correct all the evil things being done to Gaia. How noble.

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