Say, What Would Jesus Say About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

So, yeah, of course it’s that time of the year where the Cult of Climastrology attempts to link their insane anti-science beliefs to all things Christmas, and there is nothing more Christmas than Jesus. UK Guardian writer Megan Mayhew makes a big, big admission about ‘climate change’, though

What would Jesus do? Talking with evangelicals about climate change

I was, frankly, nervous about speaking to people of faith in the south about climate change. I wrestled with my own preconceived notions and past experiences, and was surprised when conversations took inspiring, if not transcendent, turns.

Secular as I am now, I still think fondly of my childhood minister, Dr Lehman, who loved college basketball and Honda Accords (he drove 13 of them during his lifetime). At the conclusion of each Lakeside Baptist service, he’d call the eastern North Carolina congregation to action.

In other words, she’s an anti-Christian religion bigot.

My frustration from those years has at times stopped me from reaching out to those in the faith-based community, especially regarding political issues like climate change. I’m aware of my own bias, the way it was formed by negative experiences, and how it limits my understanding of believers and their choices. This realization helps me understand why believers might in turn have problems connecting with someone like me.

She made a big woopsie there, because Warmists are not supposed to tell us that this about anything other than science.

I spoke with people of faith in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, and it became clear that the primary barrier to climate action is the fact that it’s been yoked with the liberal agenda. Climate activist and author Anna Jane Joyner, whose father is the pastor of a megachurch in North Carolina, writes that she grew up lumping “environmentalists in with hippies and liberals and all the other people who were probably going to hell”.

Of course, ‘climate change’ has little to do with the environment, because the climate is always changing.

Anyhow, sorry, there is zero mention of Jesus beyond the headline. Because Jesus would probably say something along the lines of “stay out of the politics of Caesar and preach the Lord’s word.” Seriously, these same people who like to trot out Jesus’ name for their ‘climate change’ nuttbaggery also are the ones who sue to get everything Christmas removed from the public domain.

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24 Responses to “Say, What Would Jesus Say About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    The world is in flames. The dow has plummeted so much its in historical country with no end in sight. The fed in a drive to protect their massive debt from the public and I do mean massive like 100 trillion in massive is continuing to ractchet up the interest rates further putting pressure on our economy but even worse. THE EU and in the EU the leader of Belgium just resigned because he signed the United Nations pact on Migration against the wishes of his people. France is burning. The violence has spread to Germany and now the Netherlands. Countries that signed the pact on migration which essentially makes it a human right to go where ever in this world you want and collect welfare.

    But let us suppose these people are doctors and lawyers and professors. What does that do to the exisiting country in which they flee for a better life in the EU or America or Canada? It bleeds their country of their intellectuals and leaves the country in even worse shape than ever.

    I am sure if George Soros wants to empty Venezelua all he needs to do is show up with a billion, give it to the leader and lead a 1 million man march to America now that this bizarre judge ruled trump must return the turned away asylum seekers to America. These people were turned away because they were indeed criminals, MS-13 and otherwise unwanted single males.

    The point of this little narrative is that the world is now officially burning. Its on fire and the poster who said you should prepare is spot on. The end of the world is coming sooner rather than later as the left and the right battle for domination with neither winning, the result is the further flaming of tensions until the world dissolves into Anarchy.

    Anarchy is coming. The fed is wratcheding up interest rates to destroy the economy and what do you think is going to happen in the USA when our economy tanks and we have this kind of hate and animosity towards each other. Hello Anarchy. You have been warned.

    • Jethro says:

      Here’s just one more example driving the anger and frustration of the working classes (as if the Wall Street meltdown wasn’t enough}…

      Last Friday, when a U.S. bankruptcy court approved a plan for the company to dole out more than $25 million in bonuses to hundreds of executives and senior-level employees over the next year, the news hit Brewer (a laid off employee) hard.

      “Are you for real?” Brewer says she thought. “What type of world is this? How could the judge say yes?”

      Current and former Sears and Kmart employees are befuddled, frustrated, and furious as the company sets out to provide tens of millions of dollars in financial incentives for higher-ups to stay on board amid bankruptcy. If the company hits certain financial goals, 19 executives will split $8.4 million in bonuses over the next six months, and 315 senior-level employees will split the remaining $16.9 million, according to the Chicago Tribune.

      The execs counter that you need to pay them so much to keep their valuable services (umm… your “services” led to your corporation’s bankruptcy – maybe the workers only recourse are pitchforks and torches).

      The bonus is a $442,000 reward for 6 months work running your company into the ground! And it’s approved by the courts! The senior-level employees only get about $54,000 each. The actual workers lost their severance in some cases ’cause legal bankruptcy (again, a policy created by politicians). Anyway, execs have expenses; second homes, private jets, country club memberships, mistresses to pay off, legal bills, foreign travel etc, so we can’t expect them to lose their jobs and suffer the consequences of their own failure. That’s for the “little people”, who are, after all, expendable in this economy.

      “The people” have reached their limit; the white working classes are now realizing what minorities have known for a long, long time – the system is rigged against the working classes, and in favor of the political donor classes.

      During the Great Recession, millions of Americans lost their homes, while the Wall Street banksters received huge bonuses, and in some cases their corporations were bailed out by the taxpayers who lost their homes!!

      Both Trump and Sanders are symptoms of this middle class frustration. In France, the gas tax wasn’t the cause of the riots, but was the last straw.

      The greatest fear of the ruling elites in America is that the American working classes of all stripes will look at each other and realize their most dangerous enemy is the ruling elite – our plutocrats – Dems, Repubs, donors, corporate lobbyists who create policies to preserve (and expand) the rigged system to benefit the wealthy.

      • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

        Earlier you (and Don Lemon) claimed the biggest threat to America was whitey…

      • formwiz says:

        No, the greatest fear is that people figure out they’re the ones paying Jeffery’s meager minimum wage and the public will rally behind Trump en masse.

        Most of the plutocrats these days are Lefties.

      • formwiz says:

        a policy created by politicians

        And you can thank Hillary Rodham, Barry Soetero, Christopher Dodd, and Thlobberin’ Barney Fwank for all that misery. They received millions in bank money.

        the system is rigged against the working classes

        And the Lefties are the ones who rigged it, using Quislings like Jeffery to spread their pre-digested lies.

    • Professor Hale says:

      If you unplug from the TV, radio, and internet for a few days, I am certain that you will see things differently. Media on both sides get paid to make you pay attention because … DOOOOM!! Media is not real life. The world really is an awesome place and there is a long way to go from where we are to anarchy. Be of good cheer and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Jethro says:

    she’s an anti-Christian religion bigot

    Because she doesn’t believe as you do?

    because Warmists are not supposed to tell us that this about anything other than science

    Because??? Many scientific truths result in societal actions, e.g., vaccine programs, the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion. You abhor what the science tells you because you abhor the proposed actions because of your ideology.

    ‘climate change’ has little to do with the environment, because the climate is always changing

    But human actions are causing the Earth to warm (the climate to change) now.

    • Because she hates Christianity, demeans the people who do believe, and wants to shut it down. Read her other stuff.

    • formwiz says:

      Many scientific truths result in societal actions, e.g., vaccine programs, the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion.

      No, scientific truths very often are twisted by Lefty politicians to scare the public into buying their phony agenda.

      But human actions are causing the Earth to warm (the climate to change) now.

      No, because your little friends cooked the books.

  3. Professor hale says:

    I’m pretty sure Jesus would have had some strong words about not coveting your neighbor’s property.

  4. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    “What would Jesus say about…?
    What would Jesus do about…?

    Maybe you should ask him.

  5. formwiz says:

    Pick up a Bible and read what happened to the money changers and what He said to the Pharisee.

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