Amazon Feels Heat From Cult Of Climastrology Employees On Transparency Or Something

Basic fact: Amazon could not survive without fossil fuels and a giant carbon footprint. How are all those products delivered? Many come from overseas. Think about the vast amounts of electricity used to run the operations. Yet

Amazon feels heat from employees on climate change and disclosing its efforts

Storm-driven data-center outages, production disrupted by flooding, forest-fire smoke choking workers at the corporate headquarters — already in 2018, Amazon has experienced at least a half dozen notable disruptions to its operations connected to climate change, according to a group of employees urging the company to be more transparent with its response to the global threat.

About 16 Amazon employees, who are also company shareholders thanks to stock-based compensation, have filed a shareholder resolution asking the company’s board of directors to publicly report on how the Seattle-based commerce giant “is planning for disruptions posed by climate change, and how Amazon is reducing its company-wide dependence on fossil fuels.”

While Amazon has taken steps toward reducing its carbon emissions and even has set a goal to one day power all of its global infrastructure with renewable energy, some employees and observers don’t think the company has gone far enough, fast enough. But they can’t tell for sure, and see its recent actions — such as procuring a fleet of 20,000 diesel-powered delivery vans — as unconvincing.

“It’s pretty clear immediately that they’re the least transparent” of the big tech companies, said Rebecca Deutsch, with climate-advocacy group 350 Seattle, which has parsed the climate disclosures and policies of several major corporations and estimated Amazon’s delivery-related emissions. “Based on what they’ve released so far, they’re the furthest behind in trying to transition off of fossil fuels.”

Let’s face facts: they can’t. There is no way to ship all those products without fossil fuels. But reality and the Cult of Climastrology are unfamiliar with each other.

Seattle 350 undertook its own effort to quantify the carbon emissions from Amazon’s 2017 global-shipping operations, based on data the company discloses about the number of packages it delivered to Prime Members and publicly available data from UPS and FedEx – major Amazon suppliers that disclose average emissions per package.

As we can see, this is being driven by a big moneyed, Elitist driven organization, one which produces nothing of value itself, in order to force a company to comply. Very Fascist of them.

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One Response to “Amazon Feels Heat From Cult Of Climastrology Employees On Transparency Or Something”

  1. Hoss says:

    Maybe Amazon fairies can start shipping goods from suppliers to warehouses to customers. These people are so stupid the only rational response is to ignore them, or tell them to quit being such hypocrites by working for climate terrorists.

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