John Kerry Says We All Must Act On Climate Change To Avoid The Ravages Or Something

He never really does get into what we all must do, but, I’m sure it has something to do with more taxes, fees, and giving up our liberty while the elites like John refuse to do anything in their own lives. Oh, and this has plenty of Trump Derangement Syndrome to go with the obligatory doom

John Kerry: Forget Trump. We All Must Act on Climate Change.

This week is the third anniversary of the Paris climate agreement. The Trump administration marked it by working with Russia and Gulf oil nations to sideline science and undermine the accord at climate talks underway in Katowice, Poland.

While I was in New Delhi this week, where I met with solar energy advocates, a comment made thousands of miles away by the journalist Bob Woodward almost jumped off my iPad: The president, he said, “makes decisions often without a factual basis.” This isn’t a mere personality quirk of the leader of the free world. It is profoundly dangerous for the entire planet.

So, wait, he took a long fossil fueled flight, which puts out almost as much “carbon pollution” as a normal American does in a year? Huh.

Scientists tell us we must act now to avoid the ravages of climate change. The collision of facts and alternative facts has hurt America’s efforts to confront this existential crisis. Ever since Mr. Trump announced that he would pull America out of the Paris accord, those of us in the fight have worked to demonstrate that the American people are still in.

But the test is not whether the nation’s cities and states can make up for Mr. Trump’s rejection of reality. They can. The test is whether the nations of the world will pull out of the mutual suicide pact that we’ve all passively joined through an inadequate response to this crisis.

Ravages! Suicide!

Talk to leaders who are gathered in Poland. They acknowledge that we aren’t close to getting the job done in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that warm the planet. People are dying today because of climate change, and many more will die and trillions of dollars of damage to property will occur unless America gets back in the fight.

Interesting. You have all these “leaders” who signed on to the Paris Climate Agreement, and most of their nations aren’t even close to upholding their commitments. Yet they are super enthusiastic about it. So much so that they take lots of fossil fueled trips, like to the Katowice, Poland UN IPCC meeting.

The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the changes required to hold global warming to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius), as called for in the Paris agreement, would require changes on a scale with “no documented historic precedent.”

Interestingly, he never gets into what those changes would be. Because putting economies and people’s lives fully under the control of elites wouldn’t be particularly palatable, and there is that line where even Warmists will not cross, as we just saw in France.

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5 Responses to “John Kerry Says We All Must Act On Climate Change To Avoid The Ravages Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    “People are dying today because of climate change”. Really? Where? So they weren’t dying in the past when the climate was changing? Shocking news..

  2. StillAlive says:

    AGW leadership equates to millions of dollars in your coffers. It surprises me John Kerry continues on this bandwagon. I guess his billionaire WIFE cut him off? Who knows. Another BILLIONAIRE LEFTIST screaming were all gonna die if we don’t destroy FUEL and thus the economy, because all these billionaires have put a small amount of their money into third world countries that will increase a million fold if they succeed with their AGW agenda.

    This is how the No borders works. You create a crisis. Pound the drum for said crisis and belittle and besmirch the critics until their are none left.

    All one has to do is look at Your Jethro on this site. He belittles and besmirches you constantly while pounding the drum for AGW crisis. Yet he ignores the inner cities. Nancy Pelosi has said she will do this and that all the while knowing this and that wont get done by adding impossible to pass meausures into the bills.

    It’s how it works. If you fix it. Then what? Nothing more to holler about.

    Hows that working out for Europe? Not so well. Country after country are not doubling down on AGW and they are rejecting Immigration in droves. The last bastion of stupidity rests with the left in the United States.

    Be prepared. The mini-ice age is coming and oh by the way, if that never arrives and the left get their way, their will still be no food because they will have made it so expensive with their TAXES that no one can buy it. So being prepared is always a great thing. Buy long term food now while its available because when things go belly up. It wont be available. Especially since homeland security it buying it by the freight car loads every month, for about a dozen years now.

  3. JGlanton says:

    What a horrible, evil man. It’s hard to think of any American who has told more lies and made more extreme exaggerations, followed by denunciations and smears of his critics, than John Kerry.

  4. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Talk about beating a dead horse… face.

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