This Will Totally Convince You To Pay A Carbon Tax

Ready to pay that tax and give up your liberty?

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11 Responses to “This Will Totally Convince You To Pay A Carbon Tax”

  1. skybill says:

    Yeah wierd watch?? …but there’s a glitch…
    one mention in that fiasco was about “De-Forestation!!!!!”
    Really!!!! Maybe in the rest of the world but in the USofA thru “Good Forest Management” we now have MORE FOREST than before WWII!!!!!!!

    “GO FIGURE???”


  2. Jglanton says:

    At least they could gave used some organic acoustic guitar music out there in nature. I hate that inane senseless keyboard deejay NPC “music”

  3. StillAlive says:

    Interesting facts.

    New Zealand has 24 glaciers. All 24 have grown in size the last two years.

    Greenland ice sheet has grown dramatically in size the last two years.

    Artic Sea Ice has grown substantially the last two years, yet despite this if you look at NOAA’s satellite image it appears practically gone, yet images from most European weather agencies show the ice in the Arctic as highly expansive and thicker than at any time in the last 40 years the last two years. In fact TWO Russian Icebreakers got stuck in the ice and had to be rescued.

    OBAMA PROMISED MORE ICE BREAKING SHIPS. LOL even though the ice is disappearing the nations who maintain the norther sea ice lanes begged the USA for more than their two ice breakers and Obama promised he would supply more machines. Quietly. Secretly. Without anyone knowing of course.

    Three days ago every state in the US recorded below zero temperatures. Records are falling all over the world. Its snowing again in the desserts of the middle east.

    Right NOW we are in solar cycle 24 which is basically at its maximum. This is why 2030 is the key. We are growing colder, winters are harsher and the solar cycle is almost non existent AT ITS MAXIMUM in this 24th cycle. In 11 years it will be at its minimum and the earth will be 11 years farther away from the Sun create catastrophic weather events in the form of continual cold.

    IN FACT because of a warmer than usual planet, their will be MORE vapor in the air which means MORE SNOW and More ice and more hail. AS the planet cools the OCEANS will kick all their heat out into the atmosphere. THIS IS WHAT THE EARTH USES to keep the snow coming.

    • Professor hale says:

      Re: New Zealand.
      That isn’t true. I was just there and looked at their glaciers. They are on a long term trend of shrinkage because NZ has summers that are above freezing. Their winters are neither long enough nor cold enough to make up for it. It is their natural climate. They simply cannot keep their unsustainable ice pack from the last ice age. This would be true even if they were consistently 1 degree Celsius cooler every single day for the past 10 years.

    • Jethro says:

      Since the data disagree with you, you attack the sources. That’s what tRump does as well. “NASA is cheating and lying!!”

      Glaciers, sea ice and ice sheets all show variability from year to year, but the overall trend is down. The surface temperature shows variability from year to year, but the overall trend is up.

      Our adding of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is causing the Earth to warm. Other factors, insolation, albedo, volcanoes, ocean characteristics etc cause the surface temp to bounce up and down but the trend is up.

      Why did surface warming jump back up to the trend line following the so-called “pause”? Why was the 2017 “peak” so much higher (0.3C) than the 1998 “peak” (the start of the so-called “pause”)?

      Now you predict doom from ice because of a predicted drop in insolation.

  4. StillAlive says:

    There Probably Won’t Be A “Mini Ice Age” In 15 Years AGW fanboy website announces to the world.

    Same story:

    She announced the findings from her team’s research on solar activity last week at the Royal Astronomical Society. She noted that her team didn’t realize how much of an impact their research would have on the media, and that it was journalists (including ourselves) who picked up on the possible impact on the climate. However,

    and this in the same story:

    Zharkova compared the Maunder Minimum with the one that her team predicted to occur around 15 years into the future. The next minimum will likely be a little bit shorter than the one in the 17th century, only lasting a maximum of three solar cycles (around 30 years).

    This last is the key. It will only last 30-40 years instead of 50-60 years so there is no mini-ice age coming.


    However, Zharkova ends with a word of warning: not about the cold but about humanity’s attitude toward the environment during the minimum. We must not ignore the effects of global warming and assume that it isn’t happening. “The Sun buys us time to stop these carbon emissions,” Zharkova says. The next minimum might give the Earth a chance to reduce adverse effects from global warming.

    Her words are a warning. This is a team of astrophysicists not one person. They have been watching the sun all their lives. They are AGW believers. Yet in the midst of AGW warming they issue a dire warning about a new Maunder Minimum coming Soon.

    Prepare. The more prepared you are the better your family fares. This is another reason the left and the UN wants your guns and wants mass immigration on an unchecked scale.

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