The Climate Apocalypse Is Now Or Something

The Arctic will totally melt! People will experience heat stroke for the first time ever!

And the planet’s totally on fire! From the unhinged article

WHAT PEOPLE SAY they know about climate change is a roller coaster of human ignorance—wait, everyone knows that but no one knows that? It’s striking to learn (according to Yale’s climate survey program) that 74 percent of women and 70 percent of men believe climate change will harm future generations of humans, but just 48 and 42 percent, respectively, think it’s harming them personally.

It is, of course, in lots of ways. Yet fewer than half of Americans think climate change is a right-here, right-now problem. So it’s critical that a new report on the impact of climate change is about the present as much as the future. The topline results: 157 million more people experienced a heat wave in 2016 than in 2000—12.3 million Americans. That heat and the injuries that can come from it cost the world 153 billion hours of labor—1.1 billion in the US. The geographic range of the mosquitoes that carry dengue fever, Zika, malaria, and chikungunya is spreading. So is the range of the bacterium that causes cholera. Global crop yield is going down.

See? Total doom. Except for the reality that global crop yields are actually going up. But, he, we do not want to interrupt a Warmist meltdown, eh?

Engineers won’t be these reports’ only users. Consider lawyers. The NCA is, after all, a government report acknowledging the damage caused by climate change. So it might be evidence in lawsuits against climate emitters. “We used the last assessment for that purpose and this is even stronger,” says Steve Berman, managing partner at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, a firm involved in a few of those lawsuits. “It also takes away a lot of the oil industry argument that this science is still nascent, and that no one is really certain there will be all of these impacts.”

This is the National Climate Report released last Friday. Who would have thought it would be a political document which would attempt to make it easier to sue for money and to force Other People to comply with the Cult of Climastrology beliefs?

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3 Responses to “The Climate Apocalypse Is Now Or Something”

  1. StillAlive says:

    These are the same people that want to take your guns so that you cannot defend what is yours when the Mini-Iceage hits and people are starving. They want to be able to overpower you with sticks and stones while you defend with a paring knife. A group of a 100 liberals running from Canada want what is yours in Missouri or Texas where the weather is kinder and gentler.

    Interesting fact. Go look at litographs of the time frame of 1645-1750 when the mini ice age was in full swing and you will notice everyone of them depicts STARVING people, skinny and begging. Hundreds of them outside of castles wanting food only to be denied.

    Millions died because their was no food and during this time It’s not like you could hop in your car and drive south to a better life.

    The earth is rapidly approaching the farthest distance it will be from the sun. There is an mathematical formula in physics. Inverse Square rule. for every distance you depart from the sun the amount of energy striking the earth will be squared. So is you double the distance you will have 1/4th the amount of heat and energy striking the earth.

    Now reaching the Milankovich cycyle we are in a position where not only is the earth going to receive between 8-13 percent less heat and energy but the sunspot cycles have corresponded to their Grand Solar Minimum which reduces the power of the electromagnetic sphere protecting the earth.

    As a result of 13 percent less heat and heat escaping the upper atmosphere the earth is destined for at least 100 years of mini-ice age while the sun regains its solar maximum and starts putting out more heat.

    In the meantime, crops are going to be failing all over the planet.

    Anyone EVER WONDER WHY OBAMA(The AGW GOD KING who hated oil, and natural gas)ALLOWED THE LARGEST EXPANSION EVER and thus positioning the USA to be the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world????

    Has it never occurred to anyone why the man with the pen did not Executive order against this massive expansion of GREENHOUSE PRODUCING GASES? Its because the government knows. Anyone ever wonder why Homeland security is BUYING UP ALL THE EMERGENCY FOOD from all the producers of survivalist food stocks???? How about why is DHS buying up all the bullets as well as increasing the production of arms and ammunitions and storing them?

    Anyone wonder why the government cannot account for 3 trillion dollars lost in the pentagon?

    The government knows we are sure to enter a mini-ice age and are preparing to deal with it. Thousands of FEMA camps have been set up in low latitudes. Millions of mobile homes have been purchased by the Federal government and are in storage. In fact my brother bought one that was built with too much formaldehyde and there were like 100 of these on a lot in the middle of nowhere in Texas. FEMA trailers that were unhealthy. He bought a 30k trailer for 5k dollars.

    Be prepared.

  2. formwiz says:

    I seem to recall Paul Ehrlich telling us the same thing 50 years ago.

  3. Jl says:

    Yes-we‘ve already died due to over population, lack of resources, ozone hole, no food, global cooling, acid rain, Trump’s tax cuts, ect…

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