Trump Considering Freezing Asylum Laws To Stop Migrant Mob

Just the mere mention of this has set liberals off. In what is supposed to be the news section, the NY Times has not one, but two subheads reading

Anti-immigrant! Stoking fears of immigrants! We saw how well the mass import of “immigrants” worked in Europe. All the rapes, sexual assaults, lawlessness, and other crime when the majority of the “immigrants” are young men

(Breitbart) Media reports say that President Donald Trump may use his extraordinary power over immigration to temporarily freeze the asylum laws which are inviting the migrant exodus from Central America.

The dramatic exercise of Trump’s border power is being considered as the caravan of poor Honduran migrants slowly heads towards the California border. Officials are still trying to game out the likely consequences, including interventions by progressive judges, media outrage, and hostility from the Mexican government.

Also, the caravan is just a small part of the illegal migration problem, most of which is caused by the cartels’ labor-trafficking businesses. Overall migration has escalated in 2018 partly because judges have repeatedly blocked Trump’s agency reforms, while Congress has refused Trump’s reform bills and refused to fund his border programs, including the wall. The establishment media and business groups have also bitterly opposed any reforms which reduce migration.

We are supposed to find out more today as to what the actual plan will be, as all the news reporting is rather vague on details. We get this from the San Francisco Chronicle

First, Homeland Security and the Justice Department would issue a rule limiting immigrants’ ability to seek asylum if they are part of a population barred by the president. The rule would take effect immediately, unlike most, and be justified as an extraordinary situation.

That would clear the way for Trump to issue a proclamation directed at a specific population, expected to target the 7,000-plus Central Americans heading toward the U.S.

Under 8 U.S. Code 1182 the President has the authority to do this. During his almost two years in office Mr. Trump and his people have done what they can to discourage people from coming to this country illegally as well as just showing up and demanding they be given entry and access to the U.S. The Democrats and news media, along with the unhinged #NeverTrumpers, have worked to undermine this, which is undermining our laws. And while the media has been oh so worried about a journalist commentator brutally murdered by elements of Saudi Arabia we see

Those are just a few of the incidents from illegal aliens and “migrants. The amount of sexual assault, especially against children, has been going up dramatically this year. Yet, the media has little concern for that. Also on the front page of the NY Times today is an article about the Saudi war against Yemen (a hotbed of jihadi Islamists) which gets linked to the Khashoggi murder. Yet virtually no concern for the victims of illegal immigration, be they Americans or other illegals.

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5 Responses to “Trump Considering Freezing Asylum Laws To Stop Migrant Mob”

  1. Jethro says:

    White kills two Black people after trying to force his way into a Black church.


    Any sentient American understands tRump’s political ploy regarding the brown refugees over 1000 miles away in southern Mexico. He wants to terrify his base that brown ISIS, rapists, killers, child molesters, M13 are planning to overwhelm America and Americans. It is such an emergency that he’s sending troops to the border!

    You won’t be surprised to learn that the emergency ends Nov 7. The refugees may reach our border by December. So it’s more of a slow motion emergency.

    tRump is in pure 3 AM panic mode.

    Republican candidates want to talk about the “brown mob” fantasy, and not talk about taking away American’s healthcare, Social Security and Medicare. They don’t talk about tax cuts for tRump’s family and rich friends. They won’t even talk about the “booming” economy that has left tRump voters behind. Nope, they needed an issue to motivate the troops and they got it.

    • Mangoldielocks says:


      The democrats only want to raise taxes, keep poor people poor, bring in millions of illegals who then take away jobs and keep wages depressed so they can then scream about the lack of wages increasing.

      LOL. The Democrats want to raise minimum wage to 15 buks per hour so that people working 25 hours a week at McDonalds can collect welfare and praise the Democrats for their awesome Economic plan for helping Americans.

      Democrats refused to help the DACA children when Trump laid it in their lap. They walked away.

      by the way where is Blassey Ford right now. The great hope for stopping the supreme court nomination? Thats right the democrats dont care about her now that she no longer can help them. The victim is thrown to the wolves. Let her get her book deal and they move on to the next victim.

      The democrats dont care about Keith Ellison who is like number two at the DNC….let him abuse women. Its only a crime if the GOP does it.

      Democrats attack republicans while they mow their yard, eat in restaurants and play softball. The Democrats cheer them on, and yet Trump’s words ring hollow when these FAKE, DESIGNED NOT TO EXPLODE PIPE BOMBS arrive at CORPORATIST DEMOCRATS HOMES>

      Now who would be targeting Corporatist Democrats…why that would be a crazed LEFTY BERNIE supporter who hates these people who are anti-socialist.

      Folks Voting for any Democrat this election is utter folly. This party is in desperate need to get their collective house in order before we dare ever grant them power to lead us again. And at one time they could lead. Today they are the party of MOB rule and VIOLENCE and they will use any group, any person and any tactic to gain power. Say no to the Democrats this election. For their sakes as well as the rest of us.

      At least until they get themselves together and restore sanity to their own party.

    • formwiz says:

      Hardly. Trump has the people behind him, blacks included.

      He wants to terrify his base that brown ISIS, rapists, killers, child molesters, M13

      He doesn’t have to terrify people. That’s what the news is doing.

      “brown mob” fantasy

      Look at one of the many pictures, nitwit.

      The refugees may reach our border by December.

      No, election day, according to most predictions. They’re being trucked in. 1700 miles through Mexico.

      Good infantry could make it in 7 weeks. A wagon train would make it in 6 months.

  2. Jl says:

    That’s a good one-“…regarding the brown refugees..”. Coming in illegally, that would be brown invaders, but you knew that. Some more help for you-“tax cuts for Trump’s family and rich friends..”….and for almost everyone who pays income taxes. You’re welcome

  3. Rodney Stanton says:

    Go Don! Best AMERICAN president in 30 years!

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