Principal Who Made Student Take Off Patriotic Trump Jersey Was Replaced

Remember the story on a high school kid in Harnett County, NC, who was told to remove his patriotic Trump jersey or leave by the principle?


(WRAL) Harnett Central High School is under new leadership following an incident involving a student at an October 5 football game, according to public information officer Natalie Ferrell.

(background information on the situation)

On Friday, a news release from Harnett County Schools announced leadership changes involving Gordon’s position.

According to the release, effective immediately, Ms. Catherine Jones, current principal at Harnett Primary, will serve as principal at Harnett Central High School.

Additional information about (Cindy) Gordon’s employment status was not made available.

If she was terminated, I would disagree. Yes, she made a big mistake in the way she handled this, which you can bet was as a Trump hater/Hillary supporter. Even in a very Republican leaning county, you can bet school employees are going to lean Democrat. Regardless, I believe it would have been better to treat this as a learning opportunity about people’s 1st Amendment Rights. Even reassigning might be too much, though, with more responsibility comes more penalties.

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10 Responses to “Principal Who Made Student Take Off Patriotic Trump Jersey Was Replaced”

  1. formwiz says:

    I’m wondering if this was the last straw in a reign of sub rosa Lefty terror that finally got what was going on there out in the open.

    Seems to me, she wouldn’t have been sacked for just that, especially if she reflected the community.

  2. FREE says:

    Public hanging would be appropriate for this leftie P O S

  3. Dana says:

    The obvious question arises: would not punishing the now former principal have set a non-deterrent precedent?

    Viewed in isolation, I don’t see it as a firing offense. But this should have the deterrent value of teaching other public school employees that this kind of bovine feces is wrong and will have consequences. Looked at that way, if she was fired — she might just have been transferred for all we know — it will have a positive effect on the rest of the public school system.

  4. Dana says:

    I’ve got to wonder: if the principal lost her job, how do the Special Snowflakesâ„¢ who combitched about the jersey feel about it, knowing that they caused a fellow liberal to lose her job?

  5. Dan says:

    “I believe it would have been better to treat this as a learning opportunity about people’s 1st Amendment Rights” How quaint. You actually believe that a committed lefty demonrat is willing to or even capable of learning. Sorry…but these people have swallowed the kool aid and sold their souls. You’re NOT going to “educate” them into changing their minds. Just about the ONLY
    lefty who sees the light and converts does so at the point of a muggers gun….and even then they
    don’t all see the light.

  6. […] While Pirate’s Cove says the principal in that case was “replaced.” Principal Who Made Student Take Off Patriotic Trump Jersey Was Replaced […]

  7. Jethro says:

    It wasn’t a patriotic jersey, but rather a partisan jersey.

    Secretary Clinton was correct, there’s no reason to be civil with NuCons, as all they have is willful ignorance and cruelty.

    • thinkingman says:

      Jethro- Speaking of willful ignorance and cruelty, YOU are ( as has become the habit of the DimSocialists ) projecting ( look it up- it has to do with self loathing to the extent that the sufferer of same lashes out at others, accusing THEM of the behavior that is so disgusting, and the cause of self loathing in the person doing the projecting ). By the way, I think the correct title you wanted is “Two-time Loser Clinton”.
      WHILE you are busy looking things up- you may want to look up a concept that has been forwarded by the on-line gaming community ( no, I’m not a member ), concerning the behavior similarities between NPCs, and SJWs . I found it both accurate and amusing, so lock-stepped and unimaginative as SJWs are. Now go meditate while looking at a picture of Pepe the Frog.

    • gitarcarver says:

      A shirt with images from the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, and the name of the president is not patriotic?

      All the left has is hate.

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