Sore Losers Attack Supreme Court Legitimacy After Kavanaugh Confirmed

This is the typical type of Democrat over-reach, with them going full Barking Moonbat Level 10, which they used to be able to get away prior to the Age Of Trump. The age in which elected Republicans found a spine

(Daily Caller) The Senate on Saturday officially voted to confirm Kavanaugh by a vote of 50-48. Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was derailed over the past month by a series of sexual misconduct allegations that Democrats used to demand President Donald Trump withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Democrats used the controversy surrounding the allegations to undermine the Supreme Court’s legitimacy.

“Confirming Brett Kavanaugh in the face of credible allegations of sexual assault that were not thoroughly investigated, and his belligerent, partisan performance in last Thursday’s hearing undermines the legitimacy of the Supreme Court,” said California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Says Senator who sat on an allegation of criminal misconduct (that has zero evidence) for a month and a half. One potential charge could be obstruction of justice for her.

“The damage done today will be enduring — to the United States Supreme Court [and] to our country,” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal wrote on Twitter.

Brian Fallon, executive director of Democratic dark money group Demand Justice, pushed a similar message.

Kavanaugh “will be an illegitimate justice, and his confirmation will mark a point of no return for the Supreme Court’s reputation as the one, apolitical branch of government,” Fallon told Reuters.

As the DC points out, this was part of the strategy, going back into August, where Democrats attempted to create a situation to proclaim that Kavanaugh would be illegitimate. The NY Times is saying that this is a triumph for Republicans, but a blow to the court’s image. Well, out here in “flyover country”, it’s fine, because we understand that this was all just a manufactured outrage by hardcore lefties. But, this will be their narrative for years. As will this by the Washington Post editorial board

We need careful, restrained justices on the Supreme Court

THE SENATE voted Saturday to confirm Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, after one of the most contentious nomination battles in history and by the slimmest margin for a justice in the modern era. Now, difficult as this seems, it will be up to the new justice to seek to reassure a country riven over his selection that he has the temperament and judgment to do the job; as important, it will be up to the court as a whole to demonstrate that it is not just another partisan institution. And it will be up to those who opposed his confirmation, including this page, to evaluate Mr. Kavanaugh fairly in his new position.

Many Americans believe, with reason, that the GOP-majority Senate muscled the Kavanaugh nomination through in its drive to install a reliable fifth conservative vote. Now, an increasingly dysfunctional Congress and a wayward presidency threaten to place more demands on this new court to address major social problems and perhaps even defuse threats to the nation’s constitutional order. Meantime, a cemented conservative majority will face temptations to wreak major changes in the law. As they confront these challenges, the justices must act as the careful, restrained jurists they claim to be, not the partisans in robes many fear.

In other words, Kavanaugh and the other Constitutional Conservatives on the court need to vote with the leftists for leftist things. The ones who often use foreign law, international law, and their own beliefs rather than following what the Constitution says and what the Framers intended. You already have Nancy Pelosi stating that she will look for documents to impeach Kavanaugh, as are many other elected Democrats. That’s kind what the WPEB meant for real about “evaluating Mr. Kavanaugh fairly in his new position.”

Expect this caterwauling to continue on and on. Now, though, comes the mid-terms. Did the Democrats, along with their pet media and the unhinged entertainment industry, fire up Republicans to go vote and beat the Dems? We’ll know in a month. This fight might have backfired bigly.

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3 Responses to “Sore Losers Attack Supreme Court Legitimacy After Kavanaugh Confirmed”

  1. formwiz says:

    They controlled it for 82 years, but now, after penumbras and emanations instead of Constitutional justification, suddenly it’s illegitimate. I thought they forbade that word so as not to make the many bastards created by their Free Love not feel bad.

    PS Look at the last para of the last quote. Sounds just like little Jeffery, don’t it?

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  3. dachs_dude says:

    Now, the response I’ve seen is that once the Dems retake the Senate AND House; they should PACK the court.

    Increase the number of justices and load them up with women justices only.

    Seriously, this is the next part of the plan.

    Of course, if there’s a Red Wave due to the Democrats shenanigans with Kavanaugh, they’re gonna stomp, cry, wail, riot, and harass ANYONE they think may even be remotely to the right of Bernie Sanders.

    You own property? Have a 401K? A job? Savings? Watch out. The angry “D”s are going to go nuts.

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