Climate Change Apathy Is The Biggest Threat To Planet Or Something

Because closing all those coal power plants which provided reliable, dependable, low cost energy hasn’t worked, it’s time for people to be forced to Do Things that satisfy the bigwigs in the Cult of Climastrology (which they themselves rarely do)

Climate change apathy, not denial, is the biggest threat to our planet

Three years after world leaders signed the Paris climate agreement, we’re about to better understand what that deal means for how we live our lives. On Monday, a major report from the UN’s climate science panel will set out what it will take to limit global warming to 1.5C, the key Paris target.

There are reasons to think the world is, finally, getting to grips with climate change. Carbon emissions are still rising but more slowly than before, and in many countries they’re falling. The UK has slashed its emissions to 19th-century levels, and we’re not alone – plenty of other countries, including the US, are making progress as well. Crucially, that’s happened without many people noticing, suggesting the world might be able to deal with the problem without having to persuade the public to change their polluting lifestyles.

But this is wishful thinking. The UK’s recent emissions cuts have mostly come from shutting coal power stations, which had few friends, and there aren’t many left to close. And that only happened after years of campaigning, but it was still much easier than what is to come. Cutting emissions further to stop dangerous warming will depend on people changing how they live: flying less and eating less meat and dairy, for example. There’s no way this can be done as quietly as what’s been achieved so far.

Huh. Many nations like the UK have done away with that energy, have nothing worthwhile to replace it with, they still haven’t gotten to where the Warmists want to be, so, time to “change your minds on how you live”

Persuading people to cut down on things they enjoy for the sake of the climate might seem impossible. In most European countries, about three-quarters of the public say they’re worried about climate change, yet less than a third would accept higher taxes on fossil fuels to cut emissions.

But this climate apathy can be overcome if it’s tackled in the right way. The first step is to understand the psychology behind apathy. Climate change is exactly the kind of threat our minds aren’t equipped to worry about. It seems distant, happening mostly in the future and to other people. The widespread tendency to think “I’ll be OK”, known as optimism bias, makes it easier for people to assume such distant problems won’t affect them.

So, basically tricking people. Brainwashing them. Lots of dictatorial/authoritarian nations did this as well

Yet, daunting though these barriers are, they can be beaten with political leadership and honesty. To start with, the international community has to admit its plans aren’t enough. Commitments to cut emissions, such as the Paris Agreement and the UK’s Climate Change Act, give the impression the problem is under control. It isn’t. The UK is set to miss its targets from the mid-2020s, while global plans are so weak they would, even if achieved, leave us on course for dangerous warming.

Honesty and political leadership aren’t two things that go together that often. And, since this whole movement is based on lies, misdirection, ginned up computer models, bad data, missing data, and manufactured data, honesty was never a part of this.

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