Renowned Climate Scammer Does One Thing To “Reduce” Her Climate Footprint

Climate scammer Katherine Hayhoe loves to link her supposed belief in Christianity to her belief in anthropogenic climate change. She just doesn’t like to do a lot in her own life

The one thing a renowned climate scientist does to reduce her own impact on the environment

Recently, the news about our planet’s health hasn’t been great.

Studies have pointed out that we may be headed toward a “hothouse” Earth scenario — a catastrophic tipping point that could cause seas to rise another 200 feet, inundating many major cities. Scientists and engineers have now started proposing that we build giant Antarctic sea walls to keep melting glaciers from slamming into our shores.

But not everyone is wallowing in despair.

I’m wallowing in disbelief that anyone would dare trot out the notion that the seas will rise 200 feet in such a manner, positioning it almost like it will happen soon, when the unhinged, anti-science study prognosticates 33-200 feet sometime in the next couple hundred to thousands of years from now. Because they’re totally sure. It’s like if Vegas bookies said two football teams playing against each other will score anywhere from 6 points total to 103.


“The first thing I did, was I said ‘Ok, let’s just look at the light bulbs,'” climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe told Business Insider.

Hayhoe directs the climate center at Texas Tech, and she also consults for cities, water districts, and highway planners around the country about the best ways to prepare for life in a warmer world.

She says if every home in the US swapped one regular lightbulb out for an LED bulb, which uses about 75% less energy, that would reduce emissions as much as taking 800,000 cars off the road. “That’s actually pretty significant,” Hayhoe said. (snip)

“For me as a climate scientist, the biggest part of my personal carbon footprint was travel,” she said. “Because I travel to tell people about climate change. It’s very ironic.” (snip)

Instead, when she does travel, she insists on collecting a critical mass of at least three, four, or five invitations at a time. She tries to consolidate her travel schedule enough so that each talk, averaged out, has the emissions equivalent of an hourlong drive.

I’ve left a bunch out, can only excerpt so much, but, the upshot is that she won’t give up her own fossil fueled flights, she’ll just make each one for a bunch of appearances (and certainly use fossil fueled vehicles to get to each one.)

And, in all fairness, she does try to stay at home and do on-line video presentations when she can.

“Don’t beat yourself up, because none of us can live carbon-free lifestyles yet. We just don’t have the ability,” she said.

Don’t beat yourself up, because we know this isn’t about science.

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One Response to “Renowned Climate Scammer Does One Thing To “Reduce” Her Climate Footprint”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey, I can’t criticize someone who is actually going to take some action to live her life the way she says other people should live theirs.

    She’s right about the LED bulbs, and with the price having come down dramatically, most people will replace their incandescent and CFL bulbs with LEDs, when those older bulbs burn out.WE were told that the CFLs would last seven years instead of seven months, and that doesn’t appear to have been the case, but the LEDs I have installed are all still working.

    And, in all fairness, she does try to stay at home and do on-line video presentations when she can.

    That’s a great thing! I’ve been harping about the warmists not using videoconferencing, and it’s nice to see one who is at least doing that some of the time. Much better for her to videoconference than fly to such luxury spots like Buffalo or Cleveland or anywhere in Missouri, and only use up her carbon credits for trips to the Caribbean.

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